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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting 8-28-2021

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 20 members and visitors present.

Visitors introduced themselves.  Bryce Branham, who was a past member was present.

Minutes: Faye stated that if any changes needed to be made on the 7-31-21 minutes as appearing on the website, please contact Jo Ann

Treasurer:  Lavern gave the treasurer report.

Old Business:   Last month the club voted for us to get tables at the Three River Carver Show in Cleburne in September.   Jo Ann stated that she filled out the wrong form which was actually for Vendors such as Wood, or tool vendors.  We are the first club that has ever asked for tables. We are not able to have saw demos, just brag tables that also allow us to sell our items. The cost is $15 per table and $25.00 per person.  Once you have paid the $25, it allows you to sell, show or enter the contest.   After discussion, the club agreed that we would still have tables and Faye and Jo Ann will man the tables.  Harmon may come later to join us.  Jo Ann will get with the Carver Show to confirm our reservation.

JO Ann explained to the new members that we skip the November meeting due to the holidays and the December meeting will be earlier in the month.

December 11,2021 for our Christmas meeting and gathering at the church.  This will include a pot luck breakfast, drinks and coffee.   We will not have a demo at this meeting which gives us time to visit.   We also need to bring plenty of brag items for us to enjoy.

Three Rivers Carving Rally
September 18-19, 2021
JN Long cultural Arts Complex
425 Granbury St.
Cleburne, TX
Seminars Sept 20-24.   David Borg will be giving a carving class. 

ART SHOW AND SALE     Sept 26-Oct 10
St. Andrews Church     504 Bedford-Euless Rd West
Hurst, Tx 76053
Fee of $5.00 per item entered in show.
Items need to be taken to church or to Faye no later than Sept 24.  Pick up items by Oct 11-16.
The church also is asking for a donation to be auctioned off.

David Borg finished his carving with car wax and suggested for him to use a stencil brush.  Faye explained what a stencil brush was and where to get it. I advised that Herm put wax in a sock and applied several coats to his projects.  This gave a furniture gloss finish but did not allow the wax to get into the fretwork holes.

I asked the recipe for making mineral oil and bees wax finish product.  Virgil stated go to Toymakers plans and check out nontoxic toy finish.  Virgil uses a hand buff for finishing.

Cynthia stated she used very small hinges on a box for her niece.  She had problems getting the nails to attach.  It was suggested to dip the nail head in CA glue before putting them in the hinge.  This help hold them in place after they dry.

David cut a celtic design from paduka wood.   2 hearts intertwined in infinity.
(2) he cut 2 angels with different wings.   He used acrylic paints to enhance the projects
(3) He carved 2 figures of men in a tree.  He painted and discussed how to shadow his paint.

Eddie Warren cut Steve Good’s military patterns.  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine
(2) he also cut the current plaque for Afghanistan Veteran that Steve Good just released.  Very nice

Bob McCary cut boxes to hold carved Christmas ornaments –Very Nice
(2) Totem Pole that has been scrolled, and carved,  next will be painted
(3) Nativity.   He is carving a nativity and brought the finished Joseph.

Faye  showed her cutting of a moose in the forest.  She used a pattern found in the Woodworks magazine from 1998.   She used dye to finish her project. 

Jo Ann gave her demo on cutting compound earrings using pen blanks.  
Sept demo ----Paul Benson will show how to get patterns from Etsy and how to set them up to cut.

David asked for Air Brush Demo.    And how to shadow his painting.  

Members and Visitors
Faye Benezue                                                  Jo Ann Wiggs 
Cynthia Jordan                                                Bob McCary
Eddie Warren                                                  Grover Pierce
Harmon Atkins                                                Elbert Woodham (Woody)
Dave Shealy                                                    Chois Blackwell & Dene
Kevin Henry                                                    Russ Weaver
Bryce Branham                                               Glenn Edwards
Joy Edwards                                                    Lavern Howell
David Borg                                                      Bob Henry
Virgil Bodensteiner