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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting October 29, 2022

Cynthia called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 16 members present.  Elbert Woodham introduced his wife Cheryl as a guest .

Cynthia stated that the minutes for the September 24th meeting are on the website.   If any changes or corrections need to be made, please contact Jo Ann.   A motion and 2nd was made and passed to accept the minutes as appearing.

Lavern gave the treasurer’s report with which were approved by the members in attendance.

Cynthia stated that per last month, a member of the recreation center was to have given us a report this month regarding an honor for our club.  Per the staff today, they are not aware of meeting.  Jo Ann was given Tyrone’s number to call and confirm our schedule in December.

 November meeting will be skipped due to the Holidays.

December Meeting :   Jo Ann will get  in touch with Tyron and confirm date and time of the December schedule.   Jo Ann will then confirm date and time for our December meeting that will include a pot luck breakfast or luncheon.  Jo Ann will send out a memo with this information.  


A motion was made and 2nd to donate $500 to the center. The membership passed the motion.  Lavern will get the money to the
Center before our next meeting.

Jo Ann stated that the Makers organization has asked us to do a demo
 on March 23 (correction it is March 25) to be held at the  Tarrant County College located in downtown Fort Worth. Jo Ann explained that we would need several of our members to attend and help with the days activities.   After a discussion, the members voted that they were not interested.  Jo Ann will let the college rep know of our decision.  

Officer election in January  
Cynthia reminded the members that we will be having officer elections in January and that several of our officers would like to be replaced.
Those wanting to be replaced are President, Vice President and Greeter.
 She asked for volunteers or nominations. Please let Jo Ann know ahead of time so that they can be put on the agenda.

Jo Ann asked if anyone buys wood (in addition to plywood) from Fort Worth Plywood Co. I was wondering what quality of wood they supply.
No one had.

Others discussed different wood supply stores

Rockler in all location in the metroplex
Wood Craft in all locations.
Wood World in Dallas

Brazos Forest  Products
2760 N Great Southwest Pkwy
Grand Prairie, Tx 75050
800 772-2777

Several members have purchased from Brazos and were impressed with their service, including cutting of boards.  Check them out.

Dakota Hardwoods.
They carry hardwoods as well as plywood. 
641 W Mockingbird Ln
Dallas, Tx 75247      972 677-7437
Hardwood Lumber Co
10551 Goodnight Ln, suite B
Dallas, TX 75220    972 869-1230

Corian –suggestion –call a countertop dealer rather than a cabinet maker.

Harmon showed off his Amazing Grace cut from purple heart. Harmon suggested slowing down while cutting purple heart to eliminate burning
(2) Heart with Amazing Grace in the middle.   This pattern is found in  the June 2008 Wood Works and Craft Magazine. On Page 30.

Bob showed his compound cut image with love on one side and wood on the other side.   Fun to look at.
(2) Bob presented 2 different giraffe pictures from different woods and looks

Eddie show us his 2 different Christmas ornaments cut from different woods.  He cut 75 of each.  He and Kathy put them in Christmas cards
and present ornaments t0 her band members.   Eddie has certainly been busy.

Lavern brought plaques for the veterans Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guards. Thank you for your donation to our vets.

Kirk cut 2 different signs using patterns he purchased from Sheila Landry.   Kirk’s signs are beautiful

  1. When we wake we are blessed
  2. Tomorrow is never promised. 

Beverly cut a nativity cross designed by Steve Good.  She reduced the pattern to ornament size and attached a dark blue backer .  Very nice

We do not have a demo for October.

David Borg volunteered to give a demo in January showing how he uses his tools for sanding. 


Jo Ann Wiggs                                          Cynthia Jordan
Harmon Atkins                                       Virgil Bodensteiner
Chois Blackwell                                      Dana Evans
Beverly Vickery                                      Preston Vickery
Bob McCary                                            Kirk Riley
Bill Howell                                              Lavern Howell
Elbert Woodham                                   Cheryl Woodham
Eddie Warren                                         David Borg

Jo Ann Wiggs
DFW Scrollers