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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting Oct 28, 2023

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 10 members present  and no visitors.
Lavern Howell gave the treasurer’s report.
Jo Ann –minutes are appearing on line.   If any changes, please let Jo Ann know.
Faye showed the members our new DFW Scrollers’s banner which cost $40.00. Lavern has already given Faye a check to pay for the banner.  A motion was made accepting the banner and cost.  The motion passed .
Bob McCary showed the old banner which he has cut off the SAW information.  We agreed that at demos, we can use both banners in different parts of the store.
We discussed the Christmas meeting which will include a barbecue, pot luck dinner.  
We discussed the Christmas pot luck dinner ---family members are invited and encouraged to attend. It was decided at the September meeting that we would have a luncheon rather than our regular breakfast food. 
David Atkins will bring the drinks and the club will pay him back.
Jo Ann will bring paper goods. 
Cynthia is to buy meat.   She got bids from two different restaurants for the barbecue.  After discussing the bids, members present voted to purchase from Dickey’s Barbecue Pit for $307.78.  Cynthia will pick up the meat, heat, and bring to the meeting. Lavern will pay Cynthia for the meat.
Jo Ann talked about Dave Shealy’s family asking for help to set up a garage sale in order to clean the garage of his scroll saw, 2 different laths, wood, and other tools involved in both scrolling and turning.
Jo Ann said she suggested having a set date for the garage sale so that the family will not have to have one person at a time coming to their house.   Bob McCary said he will go help them get organized and prices for all the items.

David Borg asked about plywood that will not chip from the back. Faye suggested purchasing wood from Hobby Town @ 746 Grapevine HWY next door to WoodCraft. Faye said that the plywood is expensive but the best she has used.  The plywood is several different thicknesses.
DAVID  Atkins –golf plaque cut from lima black wood.  
David Borg- leopard plaque and rhino figure  
Harmon---brought crosses
(2) God is good crosses cut from paduka and cherry
(3) amazing grace paduka
(4) cross from walnut-featuring  small crosses with inset dove 3 ½ degrees pl5 blade
Jo Ann brought several ornaments
Russ Weaver---box with wedding names –spalted maple ,  round box to be given as wedding present flocked. These are all band saw boxes.  Russ took a class on the use of band saws.   Beautiful work.  
Demo ---the group brought items from home that helps each of us in cutting, sawing, sanding and finishing. Sometimes it is the small items that are in our home or shop that help us the most.
Enjoyable demo.
We will not have a set demo for the December meeting.  
Luncheon to be enjoyed by our members and family members.
We are asking each of us to bring brag items along with our favorite foods for the dinner.
It should be a fun end to 2023.   Just brag items, food and visitation.  
Bob McCary                                          Virgil Bodensteiner
Jo Ann Wiggs                                        Faye Benezue
Harmon Atkins                                      David Atkins
Lavern Howell                                       David Howell
Russ Weaver                                         Alex Borg

Jo Ann Wiggs
817 326-3892
817 709-1410 cell