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DFW Scrollers, July 27, 2019

Sheryl Called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM with 31 members and visitors present.  
Paul Benson gave a wonderful presentation regarding the use of Inkscape and the use of a computer pad or drawing device that is compatible with Inkscape. 

Cheryl introduced the visitors Sue and Michael Boyle.   They are friends with
Martin Epner.  

Jo Ann had sent out minutes to the members due to our website being down.
The members present passed the June minutes as appearing on the paper minutes.

Lavern gave the treasurer report

Sheryl reminded the group that membership fees are still being taken by Lavern at $25.00 per year which covers all members in the same household.

Woodworking projects are now on display through Aug 21, at
North Lake College
5001 N McArthur
Irving, Tx     The building is next door to the library and in building J  
Go see the display  Steven has done a good job of setting it up.
Faye’s son is the professor and arranged us to display our items.  
We attended a reception on the starting day and enjoyed meeting several staff members.  They had really good comments about our work and people were amazed at all the variety of projects. 

Future Events include

Lone Star Gourd Festival  and Art Show
Aug 3-5  New Braunfells, TX
New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center

August 23 – 25 2019
Southwester Association of Woodturners
SWAT Symposium 2019
It does appear you have to sign up by August 1 and there is a charge. 
See the website

Wood Carver show and Rally 2019
Glen Rose, TX
@Oakdale Park
There will be several days of classes and workshops with a 2 day show and sale

Faye requested reimbursement for $5.19 for the frame to put the waiver in.
The members present passed the expenditure.

Eddie talked about the website   It went down after Steven Story passed away.   He was part owner of the web business.   Eddie has been working for several weeks with the other owners to get the site back up and running.
Yesterday Eddie finally got new passwords and log in information.   When he receives my minutes for July, he will start inputting all the current information.
Cynthia suggested we check into another website vendor so that this does  not happen again.   Eddie had already checked into Go and will get the prices to us.   The group agreed that at this time we will continue with the current provider hoping we will not have further problems. Eddie will let us know.

David Borg carved leaves and found that he can get different results by compressing the wood,   Very nice

Randy used found wood that was basically downed tree branches to carve on
using a Dremel tool and different tool bits.   He feels that we would be surprised what can be done.


Lyndal showed us several religious plaques that he designed for this fall’s sales

Jim Goyne brought a wonderful 3 layered lighted nativity which is designed by Sue Mey.   He used fairy lights to back light his project.  Below is the website for the lights

Jo Ann brought a Christmas with church designed by Sue Mey, ornament and globe nativity. Both the ornament and globe nativity were cut from Corian.
Jeff designed and cut 2 rocket cars which he is hoping will work when started.
Bob cut and painted 2 Halloween figures, and a rose picture.  The patterns were from the latest Scrollsaw Woodworking and Crafts Magazine.
Grover brought an ornament that makes into a sphere after cutting, sanding and gluing.
Faye brought a box made from resawed wood.  She also brought Thanks for Food plaque using a Sue Mey pattern.
Glenn Edwards showed off a Dirk Boelman cross using poplar.  His 2nd cross was cut from Oak and stained dark.
Sidney Edwards brought the last project in the John Nelson project book.  It was a painted bowl.   Very nice
 Sheryl cut a violin for her niece using the pattern in the latest Scrollsaw Woodworking magazine.   She used Walnut and Ash.
Ron show us the projects that his granddaughters produce for their nonprofit company.   The girls range in age from 13-15.   They collect money for water wells in under developed areas around the world.   These countries also include the USA.   Their website is   They give away origami ornaments for a donation.   It is very interesting when you read the website.  Ron should be very proud of these girls. 

August --Jo Ann will demo the assembling the 3 layered nativity set.  

Sept –Jeff will show us how to stack cut using hot glue at an easy way to hold the stack


Faye Benezue                                                                      Jo Ann Wiggs
Eddie Warren                                                                      Lyndal Hutcherson
Eligio Betancourt                                                                Martin Epner
Grover Pierce                                                                      Michael Boyle
Sue Boyle                                                                              Bob McCary
Glenn Edwards                                                                    Randy Northrop     
Lavern Howell                                                                     Mike Snider
Paul Benson                                                                         Harmon Atkins
Alex Borg                                                                              Dave Shealy
Ryan Borg                                                                             David Borg
Sheryl Pfeifer                                                                       Sidney Edwards
Preston vickery                                                                    Beverly Vickery
Ron Moore                                                                           Jeff Robinson           
Linda Robinson                                                                    Jim Goyne
Sally Goyne                                                                           Don Borg
Cynthia Jordan

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