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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting June 25, 2022

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM with 17 members present.


Faye advised that Harmon had called Jo Ann and advised her that there was an error in the minutes for the 5-28-22 meeting.   The minutes stated that Steve Good was the designer of the cross that Harmon had shown for the brag table.  The correction ----the designer of the cross was Tom Zieg and the pattern is found in his book 300 Christian and Inspirational Patterns 2nd addition for Scroll Saw Woodworking on page 33.

A motion was made and 2nd to accept the changes. The members voted and accepted the changes as written in the corrected May 28, 2022 Minutes.


2022 Woodcarving and Arts Festival
In the Broken Arrow Rose District
August 12-13 9AM-5PM
Central Park Community Center
1500 S Main St.
Broken Arrow, Ok 740121

Limit 2 people per table. 

Bob Block 918 693-2418  or check website

We will discuss this option further at our July meeting.

(2) Midwest Scroll Saw and Woodworking Trade Show
August 5-6, 2022
Friday August 5, 2022 9AM-5PM
Saturday, August 6, 2022 3:30 PM
Preregistration of Dinner –July 15
Pre-registration for classes deadline –July 15
Check the website for dinner info and classes being given.

This is being sponsored by KAREN Boelman and  Veterans Freedom Center
In Debuque, Iowa 52002 at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds

Both of these events are fun to either participate in or just go and see all the new projects that woodworkers produce.   If you want to sign up for classes, please check the deadline at both events.

David Borg said he attended the carver show located in Mineola, TX.
It was small but well attended and well put together.


Paul wanted our opinion about the wood that he made a box from.
We discussed the pros and cons. Original seller of the wood said it is
Red sorghum.  Very nice

Kevin Henry has plastic cylinders that he is giving away.

Cynthia stated that she mailed all the tools that people gave away last month to a friend .  He was very thankful and has enjoyed going thru all the items.

Jo Ann asked about her latest projects using MDF with oak veneer. She stated that the back if having chipping and this has never happened before. She is using a PL#5 blade which usually cuts cleanly.   It was suggested to put clear shelf paper on the back or coat the back with white glue.
Virgil suggested using Silver platinum blades which cost $31 per gross.


Russ Weaver showed his cutting of a large mouth bass.  Very nice ESPECIALLY with the fact that he just has shoulder surgery and was only able to use one hand.

Jo Ann showed a large fretwork trivet cut from Corian with Polar #5.

Ron Moore brought a puzzle box with puzzle he had cut.   Perfect.
Ron will be attending a puzzle show in Mass. next month.  He is cutting 25 of the puzzles to be given away to the attendees.

Paul Benson showed his elephants cut for stackable puzzles. Each elephant is cut from different woods.  He cuts the trunks with a spiral #3 blade allowing him to join any and all elephants by their trunks.

(2Paul showed his box that he cut from red sorghum wood. He used only one size router blade to cut both top and bottom of box.  Last month’s box he had used different sizes of routers.   By using one, he cuts down on his work time.

(3) Paul brought a cutting of an eagle in flight using a mesquite raw edge board.

(4) Paul had brought several boxes in the shape of a pyramid last month, but was not satisfied with how the pyramid fit together.   Grover had given him a suggestion. Paul recut another box using Grover’s suggestion and the top went together a lot smoother.  Very smooth and nice.

Harmon brought his cross back from last week to show that he had taken Cynthia and Faye’s suggestion to paint the two layered base different colors.  Nice effect.

(2) Harmon cut a cactus patch and used tooth picks for the stickers.  A family member painted the project and he has sold several sets.  

(3) Cynthia had asked Harmon to cut several key chains showing foreign words.
Cynthia was happy and these will be given to several friends.

Kirk brought a sign that he used a spiral blade to cut the letters.  This was his first attempt using a spiral and stated he will need more practice.  Very nice.

David showed his carving of a dog.   This is to be a gift for his son. David is looking forward to Faye’s demo on Shading with paint at the July meeting. 

Faye brought a plaque of a dog and used a contrasting wood as backer.
 (2)  she brought a pair of bookends featuring butterfly wings. The wings were painted and highlighted with glitter paint.

Grover showed his plaque that was cut in a maze pattern using a #3 spiral blade.
He used white glue on the back to hold the piece together.


 JULY    Faye will be giving a demo on painting and shading to highlight our projects.   This should be a fun and interesting demo.

Paul Benson gave a very thorough demo on the use of spiral blades. 
Very interesting.   Thank you PAUL.

Faye Benezue                                                          Grover Pierce
Harmon Atkins                                                        Russ Weaver
Virgil Bodensteiner                                                Cynthia Jordan
Jo Ann Wiggs                                                           Beverly Vickery
Preston Vickery                                                      Chois Blackwell
Dena Evens                                                             Ron Moore
Paul Benson                                                            Kevin Henry
Stefie Palma                                                           Kirk Riley
David Borg

Jo Ann Wiggs
817 326-3892
817 709-1410 cel