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Minutes for the August 18, 2018 meeting

Paul called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 25 members and visitors

Visitor Sidney Edwards introduced himself stating he found out about the club from Rockler where he was buying a DeWalt.  

Paul discussed our trip to Barney Robinson lumber yard.  We all enjoyed our visit and bought some wood while there.   Jo Ann stated that they will not be carrying ash wood any longer.
DFW Scrollers will now be given a 5% discount when we purchase wood.  Kevin stated we do need to tell them that we are from the club.

Minutes from the July meeting.   Paul discussed that someone requested a demo on staining but he had heard and thought dyeing with Rit dye, tea, coffee, etc.  The group discussed that they only heard Staining, but would also like a demo on dyeing. Paul stated that my minutes from July did not need to be ammended.
Minutes passed as appearing on the DFW Scrollers web site.

Lavern gave the treasurer’s report.

SAW   no report was given

Drawing        Chois Blackwell won the SAW membership drawing.  Lavern gave me a check for his application.

Paul sent Jim Thornton a thank you note for donating his father’s extensive library
To the club members.  

Faye will take home all the material left after our members take what they want today.   She will bring the left over back in September.   The material includes patterns, books, magazines and precut items.

Paul thanked Jim Goyne for giving away a frame at last month’s Trunk or Treat. Paul finished one of his newly cut pictures with the frame.  He used a pattern obtained from Jim Thornton’s collection.

New Business
Paul again discussed the craft show that will be Nov 3.  Jo Ann will send out the information again.  This is an outdoor show.

Paul went to the sawmill in Sanger.  They have changed owners and will no longer handle our sales.   They are selling to commercial owners only.

Lavern ask about adding lights to an angel project she cut several years ago.  She received several suggestions regarding led lights.  

Paul advised that he recently found a website
Which a lot of good scroll saw information.   Jo Ann will resend Paul’s email about the tips.   Paul stated that also has about 150 free patterns

Paul advised that he cut a recent project with #2 Olsen blades that Ray suggested and found them to be very nice.    He ordered them from Seyco.

Lyndal had ordered blades, they were delivered and then stolen from his mail box.

Chois said that he got a book from the Jim Thornton collection about cutting different types of material, including rocks by using a diamond blade.   He and Paul are going to split the cost of a diamond blade to see how it works.

Lavern did cut fabric with her scroll saw.   She stacked and compressed the fabric and put wood or thick cardboard on each side.    It cut just fine.

Paul went through Jim Thornton’s patterns and picked out a mermaid pattern.
Several were Timberlace patterns that you can purchase through Wooden Teddy Bear or Scroller, LTD catalogue.  Paul backed his project with paper he purchased at PAPER SOURCE in Southlake.   Each sheet is large enough for at least 2 projects.  He feels that the backing takes the project from craft to art work and therefore he can ask a higher price. 

Randy brought a car that he designed and cut for his one year old grandson.
He also shared his cutting of Spirits of the Past which included animals and Indians. The frame was one that Randy cut as a boy after attending a workshop at a Boy Scout Camp.

Grover cut several ornaments made by cutting lots of pieces of wood which had to be angled on each end.   After cutting and painting, he then used contact cement to glue the pieces together making a round ornament.    Very intricate.

Faye brought a mobile cut from a Judy Gayle pattern of a Merry Go Round horse.  Faye painted each horse a different pastel color.  She also used the same pattern and made pictures that can be hung on the wall.   Very nice.

Lyndal shared a cutting he did several years ago of some music.   The wood came from getting an old chest from the street that was thrown away.  The chest ended up being solid oak.   What a find.    He also brought a Bobby Riggs cross overlay pattern.   He painted the cross black with an overlay of white.  The contrast was wonderful.

Jim Pochurek made several miniature 1783 Winchesters to give away at a wood group.  He also brought an anniversary plaque for a church member.   His wife will also enjoy her 40th anniversary plaque that Jim cut.

Sheryl brought a large wooden plaque that she added epoxy colored with a turquoise.   She filled in all the holes and cracks, but also built a mold that allowed her to pour a thick edge which made it look like water.     Very nice. 
She uses Eco Epoxy which is more expensive, but does not smell.

Jim Goyne cut an Amazing Grace cross for his preacher using Ash.   He gets the ash from Dallas Hardwood on Goodnight Street.

Bob McCary used fence post wood and cut a squirrel and painted NUT House on the squirrel . Very cute
He also shared his Santa Face carvings. He will be selling these at craft shows in the fall.  He brought a cross cut from Corian with a red stained heart attached.
He also brought 3 puzzles

Jo Ann showed her fireman’s cross and 2 military crosses. She got her patterns from ScrollSaw LTD

DEMO   we did not have a demo this month.  The time is being used for browsing through and taking material from the Jim Thornton collection. 

Next meeting
September 29, 2018

Jo Ann will show how to cut metal and different material.  

Jo Ann Wiggs
DFW Scrollers


Jo Ann Wiggs                       Harmon Atkins
Jim Pochurek                       Grover Pierce
Chois Blackwell                    Mike Snider
Dennis Goodson                   Bob McCary
Lavern Howell                        Paul Benson
Lyndal Hutcherson                Eddie Warren
Glenn Edwards                      Joy Edwards
Sharon Stapleton                   Sidney Edwards
Jim Goyne                               Sally Goyne
Dave Shealy                            Ron Moore
Faye Benezue                          Linda Robinson
Jeff Robinson                          Randy Northrop
Sheryl Pfeifer

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