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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting Feb 17, 2024

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 10 members present.
Lavern is still taking dues for the 2024 membership fees.   $15.00 yearly which also covers family members living in the same household

MINUTES for the 1-20, 2024 minutes as appearing on the website.  If any corrections, please contact Jo Ann with changes. . Members  passed the January minutes.


Book    Russ advised this is a great place to find books of all kinds including  scrollsaw woodworking books.  Lower prices
Jo Ann asked members where they purchase their wood.
Woodccraft—look for sales. Located around the Metroplex.
Ocooch Hardwoods.   Located in Wisconsin ---find on line, they carry a lot of different woods, including lengths and thicknesses.   Good wood and reliable.
Fort Worth Plywood Co.  4301 N Sylvania Av,   Ft Worth 76137   817 831-4206 –ply and hardwoods. This is where we get MDF.  I always get grade B.   it is good front and back,  but not as hard to cut as grade A. They also carry Russian Birch 1/8 inch ply.   Good quality.  
Barney Robinson Hardwoods  2500 E Lancaster Av.  Fort Worth 76103 817 534-8901.   Easy to work with. You can go to the warehouse and pick the wood you want to purchase. They will cut it to fit in your car. Family owned and run.  
Good Night Lumber Co     Hardwood Lumber co 10551 Goodnight Ln. Dallas, TX  972-869-1230 ,  located off Harry Hines
Dakota Premium  ( Hardwoods 641 W, Mockingbird Ln Dallas, TX 75247           972 677-7437 . they also carry MDF –cheaper but not quite as good quality as FT WH plywood co
Brazos Forest Products   2760 N Great Southwest Pkwy,  Grand Prairie, TX 75050  800 772-2777.         They carry plywood and hardwood.   Good Company

Bear Woods,  Pegus Blades ,  Geometric #3 and #5  , I find these to be extra sharp and clean cutting.
Flying Dutchman –Ultra Reverse   (UR)
Seyco  --Platinum (PL) Blades   very clean cutting  1 800-462-3353
Mike’s Workshop  Polar Blades cut one way, does not have reverse teeth. 1 503-760-1614  (www.mikesworkshop.comFlying Dutchman.  Cuts down on chipping on PLYwood or MdF but does need to be cleaned up on the back when sanding. 
I use Polar when cutting thick puzzles,  these always seem to cut straight up and down but again have to be cleaned up on back.
All the companies have  different options for blades.  I have just included the blades that our members use most often.  Blades are a personal choice.  I suggest purchasing a variety pack when checking out new blades. Every new project, pattern or different wood means choosing a blade that works for you.

 MYRL  asked how to cut plastic –it was suggested to tape the cutting line and then sandwich the plastic using thin wood or cardboard.  Cut slowly.   These suggestions helps to eliminate the plastic melting. 

BOB Has a special order,  A US Flag showing a soldier in the background.  The flag is painted red, white and blue.  Very nice.  
Bobby showed us his design of a cross cut from cherry with ivy and saying.    (2) He also had a Turtle and carved angel, big foot and Dash hound, pointer dog and angel with heart.
David Borg – carved rose design that he inlayed into wood.   Beautiful
Faye----intarsia easter lilly using white wood 

DEMONSTRATION   Kirk Riley will demonstrate setting up word names or designs using letter stencils he purchased from Seyco.  
Demo for March meeting ---if anyone has a topic or demo please let us know.,

Kirk Riley has also been recording our meetings and put them on youtube, dfwscrollers, monthly meeting.  We do need to work on the video sound.                                  

Jo Ann Wiggs                                                    Bob McCary
Lavern Howell                                                   Kirk Riley
Faye Benezue                                                   Russ Weaver
David Borg                                                        Bobby Riggs
Myrl Grey                                                         Cynthia Jordan

Jo Ann Wiggs
817 326-3892
918 709-1410