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Minutes for the April 28, 2018 meeting

Clara called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 36 members and visitors present

Virgil introduced his Mom Connie as a visitor

The minutes were accepted by the body for the March 31, 2018 meeting as appearing on the DFW Scrollers website.

Lavern gave the treasurer’s report.


Clara reported that several of our members went to the Houston Woodworking show which was a good one.  It had good vendors as well as lots of people attending.  She was able to talk with Charles Dearing and Steve Good.   Jeff also reported that several different brands of saws were being demoed and sold.  This is the first show that we have had a variety of saws to see in several years.  Seyco was present as well as Bear Woods.   Clara said she had not seen such a large number of major vendors in such a small show.
Jeff said that Steve Good was cutting different mediums to enhance his scrolling. He used vinal, Martha Stewart’s paper, leather from Tandy for bracelets and coin purses.   Think outside the box.

Challenge-   Clara asked if anyone brought back their challenge items. Glenn cut an angel with 2/0 blade.   Said the metal cut beautifully.   Dan cut a kokopelli Indian figure with his blank.   Dan used a larger blade and had trouble cutting without breaking his blade.   The finished product was good.
Next month’s challenge includes cutting figures from or in stacked paper. It has been suggested that several can be cut at one time which enables you to have several for sale. One suggestion included framing your paper items.

SAW—Clara said the January and February notes from the Board of Directors were posted after she questioned the omission on the website.


North Eastern Ohio Scroll Saw & Woodworking Expo                                                                              
May 18-19
Quirk Cultural Center
1201  Grant  Av
Cuyahoga Falls, Oh 44223

Midwest Scroll Saw Trade Show
August 3-4
Dubuque Co Fairgrounds
Dubuque, Iowa
Sponsored by Karen Boelman and the Veterans Freedom Center
And dedicated to Dirk Boelman

LIBRARY    Remember to check out our library

Glenn suggested that when we go to craft shows or Wood Shows, we should pass out business cards of our own and brochures advertising the club.   Clara explained how to pull up our website and print off our club brochures.

Virgil needs a new club card that show 2018 as the current year in order to get a discount at Woodworld.  Lavern will mail him a new card.

Paul discussed a blog he heard about that discussed glue test of about 40 different glues.
See the information on the following blog.

Paul discussed several glues including CA glue and using accelerant

Randy explained accelerants are good, however, it lowers the usefulness of the glue. 
Jeff wanted to know how we club members liked our new Seyco saws and the difference from our other saws.   Jo Ann, Paul, and Faye all explained how well the Seyco saw cuts and the good features.  We are disappointed that Ray did not include a light, but does have a way to attach a light .   We love the large table, but are disappointed that the dust collects on top of the saw due to the way the blower sits.  All three of us would recommend the Seyco to anyone wanting a new saw.

Randy discovered that he can cut a straight line by using a ruler, scoring the board with a sharp edge, then cutting.  By scoring and using Pegas blades allows a straighter cut.

Ron stated that he prefers Pegus blades. He said the best price is on  Also check out Steve Good’s information regarding Pegas blades.


Randy showed off his toy truck and trailer that he cut, assembled, and painted.  Toymaker free pattern. This will be given to his great grandson.

Paul cut a Labyrinth of black and white using veneer.   He cut a 2nd Labyrinth using Mother and Child as the base, then framed.   Using an original pattern of a tree of life with reflection was cut.   His tree of life pattern took him around 60 hours to produce due to trial and error.   Very nice

Ron cut an original puzzle and box.  One puzzle has 12 pieces and another has 13 pieces.   Each of these has over 1000 ways to put them together.   These will be given to other puzzle makers at a convention in New York.

Bob showed his crab puzzle using a pattern that was found in the last magazine.   He also cut Paul’s windmill pattern on a wood piece he purchased at the Carver’s show.   He also showed off a yellow rose that was cut from a slab cut.

Myrl had 2 crosses cut using fabric attached to the wood.   Her third  cross was from Corian with an extended heart that was cut on an angle.

Glenn brought an ornate child’s rocker that he built a few years ago.   It holds Joy’s childhood doll.   Very nice.
Harmon cut a compound cut of a stack of birds.   Pattern is a Diana Thompson that was in the 2005 Scrollsaw Workshop Magazine.

Charles and Karen Dearing came and brought several of his silhouette cuttings.   A 1955 Chevy, Indian Forfathers, Long horn.   All were cut with Baltic birch and he uses #3 or #5 Pegas Spiral.   He buys them from Bear Woods.  Paul recommend’s Charles’s Longhorn puzzle.

Charles Dearing patterns can be located on or


Clara and Glenn announced that they will be moving at the end of May to Tennessee.  Clara’s family is there.  She has turned the Presidency over to Paul for the remainder of the year. Paul stated that he will not keep the presidency in 2019 but would be willing to go back to Vice President.   He stated that someone else will need to accept presidency in January.


Faye and Jo Ann did a demonstration on cutting compound cuts.

May 26, 2018

Paul will demonstrate his cutting of spiral candle sticks.


Harmon Atkins                       Clara Gideon
Glenn Gideon                         Jo Ann Wiggs
Charles Dearing                     Karen Dearing
Faye Benezue                         Grover Pierce
Sharon Stapleton                   Myrl Grey
Ron Moore                              Eddie Warren
Chois Blackwell                      Preston Vickery
Beverly Vickery                       Virgil Bodensteiner
Paul Benson                            Lyndal Hutcherson
Glenn Edwards                       Joy Edwards
Linda Robinson                      Jeff Robinson
Tommy Cherry                         Lavern Howell
Tom Roth                                  David Borg
Dan Crawford                           Michele Crawford
Kaydn                                       Bob McCary
Travis Burnett                          J Burnett
Dave Shealy                             Sidney Edwards
Eligio Betancourt                    Connie Bodensteiner

Jo Ann Wiggs