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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting 07-31-21

Faye called the meeting to order at 9;30AM with 21 members and visitors present. Kevin Henry introduced his mother Twila Henry.  Mary Mathias from IMAKE was present.

Treasurer-- JO Ann gave the treasurer’s report for Lavern.

Minutes - -Faye stated that any changes to be made to the June minutes that are posted on the dfwscrollers,net web site , please contact Jo Ann


  1. I made it out of Wood.   Art show and sale

J N Long Cultural Arts Complex
425 Granbury St
Cleburne,TX 76033
August 14-Sept 11, 2021
Submit entries –3 per person    Free
All entries must be original works of art by the artist. The center will keep 20% of the price –for information contact
Susan Ford 817 641-4908    

Paul and I are inviting you all to join us on September 9 at 11:30AM at the center to tour the exhibit. We will go to lunch afterward. 

  1. Three Rivers Carver Show.  

J N Long Cultural Arts Complex
425 Granbury St.
Cleburne, TX 76033
Sept 18-19 for the sale and show.  
Classes are the next week and you might want to sign up for the carver classes.
Our David Borg will be teaching a class.   There are also other classes available.
Check out the website   Go to the
Three Rivers Carving Rally for full information.

We had a discussion and agreed to participate in the carver show. We agreed to purchase 2 tables at a price of $25 per table.   Faye, JO Ann, and Harmon have agreed to man the tables.   Anyone else wanting to help please show up or let us know.
We are not able to give demos with our saws, but it will be fun seeing what a new
Group of people have to show and sell.  

  1. Art Show and Sale

St Andrews Church
504 Bedford-Euless Road West
Hurst, TX 76053 
Faye said advertising will be done. She feels that we should enter our projects into show. I am sending out Faye’s information and forms we need to fill out to enter a project.   There is a fee of $5.00 per item. The church is also asking for a donation to be put into their church auction.  
September 26 -Oct 10
Pick up items Oct 11-16
You can bring your items to our next meeting at the church or call Faye and deliver them to her.  

This should keep us all busy, but we should enjoy the upcoming months. 

Virgil cut a nativity puzzle which has now warped.   Cynthia said the same thing happened to her.   She made a solution of warm water and salt and soaked for about 2 hours.  Layed it out on a flat surface.   Put a barrier on top to protect the project and covered with a very heavy item such as rocks or marble.   Leave for several days for the project to dry.  Her project was then flat and has never warped again.   Virgil will try.

Virgil said he purchased new table cloths for about $10 each.  These are stretchy with pockets that fit under the table legs.    GW trade co. different colors available.

Paul purchased some tables that are 6’ x18”.  He was able to purchase fitted cloths for this odd size table for about $30 each. These also had pockets for the feet and a spit in the back to allow you to store boxes under the table easily. 
 WebstaurantStore –Restaurant Equipment Supplies

Kevin Henry-when putting paint on wood, it seems to streak.  There were several suggestions. (1) may have to paint more than once,   (2) Faye said do not use Apple paint (3) Virgil suggested applying with a wall paper sponge.  

Kevin showed a compound cut swan that his mother cut.
(2) Kevin used a book and cut an initial into the book using a #5 PL Blade.
(3) Very small Nativity –Kevin used a torch to give the manger an antique look.
(4) Kevin cut a school logo and painted using a Steve Good Pattern.

Paul Mortoccia  showed a Mary, Joseph and Manger intarsia pieces.   He will continue to do the whole set including the wise men.   These are 3d pieces which include different views from front or back.   Kathy Wise patterns.   Beautiful

Faye used a Steve Good pattern making book ends with fairies.
(2) Book ends that also include dragons –both sets are painted with Unicorn Spit sparkle paint
(3) Faye’s project looked like a hat with bow hat band.   The band and bow are painted
Diana Thompson pattern

  1. Sun dial clock.  All projects were fun and colorful.

Paul Benson brought his Labrinth cutting using his own frame cut from maple purchased at Robinson’s.
(2) Toy Tractor using purchased Wheels –he used a pattern purchased from Etsy.
(3) Marble Toys.  New pattern of bulldozer using lace wood and purchased wheels.
(4) Steam roller toy with marble –make sure roller, marble, and wheels are level which allows the marble to turn
(5) Puppy puzzle
(6) Box made holding 2 decks of cards.   Steve Good pattern

Paul purchases his marbles from MOON MARBLE CO—Lynda in sales 913 441-1432
                  Moondmarbleco,com website

David Borg brought a celtic knot designed the pattern using 2 hearts and infinity sign.
Perfect as usual
(2)Intarsia duck –unfinished.   Pattern by Judy Gayle Roberts

Bob McCary brought a carved and painted Santa –perfect
(2) 2 Carved Christmas ornaments that friends had him make boxes or containers for the ornaments like we make for puzzles.   It made a nice gift pack.
(3) plaque for Trick or Treat ---nice
(4) Six puzzles featuring:  Penguins, Koalas, snails, Koala babies, Elephant, and apple.

Harmon brought an Amazing Grace Cross cut from purple heart,
(2) He stack cut several butterflies and showed them off in a frame using a colorful calendar page as a backer.    Nice

Delbert Woodham showed us his plaque of the United States of America put in an original frame.   The pattern for the frame came from a website MAKE SOMETHING.


Faye did a demo on intarsia, teaching from start to finish.  Very nice


  1. August demo ----Jo Ann will show her compound cuts for earrings. 
  2. September -------Paul Benson will do demo on patterns from Etsy.


Paul Mortoccio                                                 Cynthia Jordan
Paul Benson                                                      Grover Pierce
Jo Ann Wiggs                                                    Harmon Atkins
Bob McCary                                                      Russ Weaver
Elbert Woodham                                               Kevin Henry
Twila Henry                                                      Dave Shealy
Ellen Adler                                                        David Borg
Glenn Edwards                                                  Joy Edwards
Mary Mathias                                                   Virgil Bodensteiner
Linda Robinson                                                 Jeff Robinson
Faye Benezue


Minutes by
Jo Ann Wiggs
817 326-3892
817 709-1410 cell