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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting 12-11-2021

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 24 members and visitors present.

Lavern gave the treasurer’s report.

Joy Edwards made a motion that we give the Georgia Farrow Recreation Center a $250.00 check to them to help the people in that area.   The rec staff have been very cordial and held our space until January 2022 for our meetings. A second was made and passed.   Lavern will take a check to the rec center this week.

Lavern made a motion to lower the family dues to $15.00 for the year.  We have enough money at this time and we will reassess the fee for 2023.  A second was made and passed.

Lavern added she will be taking dues at the January meeting, and reminded us to put our checks or cash in an envelope with our name, address, telephone # and email address.  That will allow her to keep the records accurate and verify our information. If you prefer to mail your payment to Lavern see her address below.
Lavern Howell
706 Lynn Dr. W.
Irving, Tx 75062

Faye reminded the group that Lyndal’s magazines were on a table in back and you can take any or all.

Faye passed out patterns for us to use as a challenge.  Change the pattern and add your own design. Bring them back to the next meeting and we will see how many and what types of designs our members come up with.

Paul Benson cut an owl from a piece of red cedar.   Due to the red cedar being so soft, he backed his wood with a very thin piece of scrap wood before he cut. This allowed the cutting to be stronger and eliminated the pieces from falling out. After cutting both the red cedar and thin backer,   he backed the entire piece with a finished 1/8 or 1/4 inch board.  

Kirk used a Steve Good pattern of God Bless our Home using bass wood with a birch backer.

(2) Kirk cut four different figures and also cut inserts for small clocks.

Harmon cut compound names using 1 ½ inch wood.  He used Steve Good’s key lettering system.   Very nice.

Glenn showed 2 different cars with names Finley –and Maverick blocks. Very nice and fun

Russ used a Steve Good pattern of a dog puzzle.  Russ reduced the size and use a #3 blade which enabled him to make tight cuts

Bob cut several military plaques and used metal as a backer.

Grover cut the ginger bread intarsia men that were in the last woodworking magazine. (2) Grover also cut and assembled several layered geometric Christmas ornaments using red and green epoxy to give color to the designs.  (3) he also cut a heart that had gears inside.   Very clever.

Paul Martoccio showed his intarsia piece of a horse’s head.   Perfect as usual (2) he also showed off a teddy bear intarsia piece.

Faye showed a cutting of St Patricks Day figures.   It was to have been intarsia, but she cut and painted making it segmentation.

Faye dismissed the group to eat and enjoy each other.

For you who did not attend, you missed a fun day with lots of food and visiting.


Georgia Farrow Recreation Center 9:30 AM-1PM
830 Davis Dr.
Irving, TX 75061
972 721-2519

Next month agenda will include
Paying $15.00 dues for 2022
Election of officers


Paul Benson will talk with us about using XRON with sticky paper, or purchasing notebook size paper that is sticky on the back.  He will give us the pros and cons of each.   Always use repositionable paper ---do not use permanent

 Members and visitors

Paul Marto                           Faye Benezue
Paul Benson                        Bob McCary
Glenn Edwards                   Joy Edwards
Cynthia Jordan                   Grover Pierce
Virgil Bodensteiner            Dave Shealy
Myrl Grey                             Eddie Warren
Kathy Warren                      Jeff Robinson
Linda Robinson                  Kevin Henry
Russ Weaver                       Kirk Riley and Son
Chois Blackwell                  Dena Evans
Harmon Atkins                    Billie Atkins
Jo Ann Wiggs