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Minutes for the June 30, 2018 meeting

Paul Benson called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 27 members and visitors present


The minutes from the May meeting passed as appearing on the dfwscrollers website.

Lavern was not here this month and we did not have a report.
Paul asked if we had any volunteers to take Presidency.   No one came forward. Paul explained that he will be willing to fill in as President through 2018, but will not run in 2019.
Paul went over several items that has been discussed or items that will be implemented in future.

  1. SAW    We will do monthly drawings for memberships of SAW which will help to ensure we have a 30% enrollment. This has already been voted on and passed by the membership present.
  2.  Challenge –Paul thanked Jeff for his suggestion of having a challenge every month, but the members are not participating.   Paul discussed this with the members and they do not want to worry about a monthly project.  
  3. Woodshow –Glenn Edwards had discussed last month the possibility of our club helping with a wood show in the Dallas area put on by the Houston woodworking club.  After discussing, the club members agreed we would be happy to help, but not in the original organization. Paul said that since no one person was willing to own the project we will table the discussion.  
  4. Paul discussed that he will keep the meetings in order by encouraging us to discuss only items on the agenda.  If we want to have a discussion at the meeting, we need to let him know so it can be added to the agenda for that month.   This will keep the meeting running smoothly on a timely basis.   This will also allow enough time for the demos.
  5. Paul says he comes to our meetings to get new ideas and learn new procedures for scrolling.  This includes ASK THE EXPERTS, BRAG TABLE AND THE DEMONSTRATIONS.

Paul asked for suggestions for future demos.

  1. Cynthia suggested a time limit with more structure to allow demo time.
  2. Paul also discussed coming early to our meetings to give us time to visit in the parking lot before the meeting starts.   This promotes friendship and getting to know one another.
  3. Paul explained that if we suggest a project which needs money provided, we need to be up front with the cost at the time of discussion.
  4. Glenda suggested us having a drawing each month, but Paul questioned the reason and cost.

The suggestion was tabled.


People can arrive in the parking lot at 8:45, open your trunk and let folks take what you are not using. This will allow us to clean our extra lumber and someone else use it.  


David ask if anyone had used Fig tree wood.   He had one in his yard, but did not know if it was worth trying to scroll.   Most agreed it might be too porous but would need to be dried before using.

Jeff stated that Home Depot is dropping MinWax products and has them on sale at this time.

Paul stated that if he has cut a very fragile piece, that he leaves it in the cut out wood for structure to eliminate breakage before a show.  


Suggestions for future demos

  1. finishing
  2. class  on Scrollsaw 101         Linda will give the demo
  3. Rubber Cement used as a masking tool in painting       Cynthia in July 4, 2018
  4. Spiral Blades                                 Lyndal
  5. Blades           When to use what blades on different wood


Paul  cut 2 large framed peacocks and backed with colored paper for a beautiful effect. 
He also showed several examples of delicate ornaments with different backers showing various effects

Randy brought a carved bust of a man. He made a sign using a Bird Of Paradise Font.  (
His projects also included a coaster using chip carving.

Lyndal cut several crosses using Sue Mey designs and reducing the patterns to 80%.   These we made from ¼ inch wood with a larger backer.   He had used a small wheel to trace around each cross for a larger backer.  
He did several other crosses using patterns from Bobby Riggs and John Nelson.

Ron Moore brought puzzles that will be taken to a national puzzle convention for exhibition. His puzzle has 400 pieces.  He also cut a puzzle for an anniversary present.  Another puzzle will be traded at the convention for Jigsaw exchange.   He cut 12 puzzles for the exchanges.

Sheryl cut a box top from cedar using a butterfly design. Her next project will be cutting the box for the top.

Grover brought a box using the same butterfly design as Sheryl.   The design looked different due to different types of wood.  Grover also cut 2 boxes with stacked designs which were painted different colors.   Beautiful.

Bob showed off his light house design in addition to a carved eagle.   Bob had a friend that gave him some carving tools.  Bob designed and cut a segmentation pattern that looks like his friend’s dog.

Chois used a 1 inch copper pipe which he cut and designed a flower.  He ended up with a beautiful copper rose.   What an original project.

Glenda showed off her cutting of a heart that will be a present for a bride and groom.   Perfect

Jo Ann showed several crosses of different woods.


Our demo time this month included members bringing household items which they use in their woodworking.   It was very interesting to see the various items and uses.

Next month’s Demo will be given by Cynthia  ---Rubber Cement used as masking in painting.

Myrl Grey                               Harmon Atkins
Tom Boltz                              Cynthia Jordan
Jo Ann Wiggs                        Sheryl Pfeifer
Randy Northrop                     Paul Benson
Bob McCary                           Lyndal Hutcherson
Grover Pierce                        Glenn Edwards
Eligio Betancourt                  Chois Blackwell
Dennis Goodson                    Robert Meyer
Glenda Meyer                         Calel Meyer
Mike Snider                             Ferol Whaley
Ron Moore                              Dave Shealy
Jeff Robinson                         Linda Robinson
Dan Crawford                         Michele Crawford
Kaydn  Zehr

Jo Ann Wiggs
DFW Scrollers

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