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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting April 30, 2022

FAYE Benezue called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 17 members present and Stefie Palma came in as a visitor.  Stefie is currently looking for a scroll saw. She visited Paul Benson , last week in order to get an upfront look at 2 different saws which included a Pegas and Seyco. Stefie said she was unable to find scroll saws in the stores.   Both Home Depot and Lowe’s said they did not know what she was talking about.  Other stores said they did not have any in stock. She would need to order one and check it out when it was delivered.   What poor customer service.  Thank goodness we have members that are willing to help future saw owners.

Faye said she had our DFW Scroller brochures printed that can be handed out at various stores Such as Rockler, Woodcraft, and Woodworld.   Several members took cards to deliver to the various stores.   Lavern gave Faye a check for $38.76 for printing at Office Depot.   After handing out the brochures, it was discovered that all the printing had been cut incorrectly. Faye will be returning them to the store to be redone.

Lavern gave the treasurer’s report

The Minutes for the 3-26-22 meeting appear on the web site.   If there are any corrections please contact Jo Ann.

Membership fees are $15.00 per year for all family members in the household. This allows the member to receive a membership card that allow discounts at several stores for scroll saw supplies only.   This does not include large items such as saws, drills, etc.
Rockler 10% discount
Wood Craft 10% discount
Barney Robinson Hardwood  5% discount.  
Be aware that your membership card needs to be shown and you ask for the discount while checking out.

Cynthia asked if someone will record any demos that are given when she is out of town.  She can then put the demo on our website.

Faye said that she again wants to suggest we attend of participate in the
BLADEN HILLS FARMERS MARKET @ 500 W Harwood, Hurst Tx.  The market will be open
On the first Saturday every month from 9AM-2PM.   $15.00 per space.  Good parking is available and seemed to have lots of traffic for sales.  She and sons had a fun day.  

Faye asked about adding accelerant to CA glue.  She asked why it seemed to lower the effectiveness of the glue after adding the accelerant.   Several people said that is true. She can either stop using or wait for the CA glue to work.  Some said if glue is out of date, the effectiveness will be affected. Choice did say that if the glue is out of date, accelerant will help it start working again. Choice also said that glue and accelerant needs to be the same brand to work correctly.

Russ stated that 1/8 inch Baltic birch can still be found at
Hardwood Lumber Co.
10551 Goodnight
Dallas, TX
972 869-1230

Paul brought his French curve that he uses to change shape of his projects.  Can be found at Hobby Lobby or Rockler. 

Demonstration for our May meeting
Bring in items purchased that we do not use or know how to use.   We all have these items
And purchased but lost our knowledge of how to use.   This should be fun.

Virgil said that Home Depot has wood that can be used for compound cutting.

Elbert Woodham brought in a vase cut from a Steve Good Pattern.   He used walnut.   Very nice.

Kevin Henry brought key holders that he cut for his daughters.  A cat or dog will pop up when hanging keys on the hook.   So cute.

Harmon Atkins brought a large shark puzzle using his top and bottom box for containing the puzzle. He uses Office Max to print large patterns.

Paul brought several projects showing his skills at box making as well as using inlays and    Very nice
(2)He also brought a large project of an Eagle cut from a round piece of wood.   Pattern was purchased through Etsy.  He backed the wood with a thin throw away piece of wood so that his main wood did not split while cutting.   He backed his piece with heavy brown paper.  

(3) Paul cut a self-designed lizard puzzle with all the pieces the same.   Very tricky.

(4) he cut a Steve Good flower vase.   Paul added a lizard inlay to the project.   Very nice

Grover Pierce cut a fretwork sleigh for his daughter.  He added wheels so that the sleigh can be attached to his daughter’s pet turtle.   Yes, you heard that right. A tortoise will be pulling  the sleigh and will be featured in a calendar for 2023.  

(2) Grover brought  a noise toy that can be pushed around on the floor or table.

(3) Caterpillar puzzle cut and painted using Harmon’s skill of box making.  

Faye Benezue brought an ornament wood blank that she purchased at a craft show.   Faye cut a
Animal figure in the blank and added a bright backer from origami paper.  Great idea.

(2) She also cut a figure of great horned sheep. One that stands up and one a puzzle in beautiful natural woods.

Virgil brought a very extensive cross stitch project that he did several years ago.  Jo Ann requested him to bring it.   He added beads, metal and other objects to the project.  This took several months to complete the cross stitch.  Perfectly done and beautiful.

Jo Ann gave a demo on making a VERY SIMPLE BOX.   The handout is also on our website.

Paul Benson                                                                Elbert Woodham
Dena Evans                                                                 Chois Blackwell
Grover Pierce                                                              Harmon Atkins
Faye Benezue                                                              Lavern Howell
Jo Ann Wiggs                                                              Cynthia Jordan
Virgil Bodensteiner                                                     Glenn Edwards
Beverly Vickery                                                           Russ Weaver
Kevin Henry                                                                Kirk Riley
Stefie Palma   

Jo Ann Wiggs
817 709-1410 cell