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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting August 26, 2023

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 15 members present.

The Secretary minutes from the July meeting is on the website.
If any changes need to be made, please contact Jo Ann.  Minutes were accepted by the
Members present.

Lavern gave the treasurer’s report.
The report was accepted by the members present.
Other Business
Faye explained that Jo Ann is going to write the history of the DFW Scrollers Club.
She will have it ready for the September meeting and will also have Eddie add it to the

Jo Ann will also update the information page for the website. She needs the places where you all purchase wood.  Since our members live in a wide range of area in DFW, we need to coordinate our information.   Also, if you have information that includes sawmills.

ANNOUNCEMENT   Paul Martoccio won 2nd place at the State Fair of Texas for his intarsia piece.  What an accomplishment.

 September. We will have a demo on using and applying flocking by David Atkins. 
Ask the experts
Russ Weaver –wants someone to apply epoxy to his family tree project.
Cheryl Pfiefer was suggested and her phone number given to Russ.

Cynthia –Wants to know where olive wood can be purchased in USA --no one has any ideas – Russ will call daughter in Calif.

Brag table
Jo Ann ---ornaments and horse puzzle

David Atkins  showed us his box with a striped ribbon and bow,  He also flocked the inside of the box

Russ Weaver compound  cut man with fishing pole
         (2) Memory Tree with family pictures,   Pattern is from the March 2005 magazine.
          He used a forstner bit for cutting holes for the pictures.  He will be adding the tree trunk.
          Very nice but very intensive work. This will be a gift for a family member.

Bob McCary showed off his Christmas ornaments carved and then painted.
Faye    cut her small ornaments of a German shepherd, mouse and Koala Bear. These patterns are taken from a book that was given to the club.  Faye is going through the book of patterns alphabetically.  
She uses lumber and then paints each animal. All so cute.
She also showed us her compound cut boots which are attached to a base for stabilization.     

Lavern brought several crosses that showed off an embroidered fabric backed with a wooden cross. 
(2) She also showed off an Old Rugged Cross        

BOBBY RIGGS   brought several items

  4. CHAUWAWA DOG and dachshund

                             (5) ANGEL ORNAMENT CUT AND PAINTED

GROVER PIERCE brought his puzzle cut and painted of a worm.  This included a box with top and bottom.  Perfection as usual.

Harmon Atkins gave a very nice demo on cutting small pocket size puzzles that includes a bottom box as well as a top box .  thank you so much.


Bob McCary                                                      David Atkins
Harmon Atkins                                                  Faye Benazue
Cynthia Jordan                                                  Chois Blackwell
Dena Evans                                                       Bobby Riggs
Russ Weaver                                                     Myrl Grey
Ron Moore                                                       Grover Pierce
Eddie Warren                                                   Jo Ann Wiggs
Lavern Howell

Jo Ann Wiggs
817 326-3892
817 709-1410 cell