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Minutes for DFW Scrollers Meeting December 8, 2018

Paul Benson called the  meeting to order at 9:30AM with 24 members and visitors present.
Spouses were introduced.

Minutes from the October meeting were passed by the assembled membership as appearing on the DFW website.

Lavern gave the treasurer report

A motion was made and 2nded to pay the Recreation Center $500. The motion passed.
Lavern gave the money to the center.  The donation stays in the center for needed supplies.

Membership FEES
Membership fees are due in January and it is asked to put your money in an envelope with your name, address, telephone number and email address.  This helps Lavern keep up with payments since they all come in at once.   Thank you for your participation.
Dues have been $20 per year which includes the family.   Lavern suggested that we raise the dues to $25 in order to help pay for the SAW memberships that the club gives away each year.  These SAW memberships allow us to keep our membership in SAW valid.   Each club is required to have at least 30% of their members also be members of SAW.   This allows our club to join SAW which covers us with insurance when we go out in public to do demonstrations.  Many of our members pay their own fees, but our drawings make up the balance to clear the 30%.  
A discussion followed, and a motion was made to change our dues to $25.00 per year.  The motion carried.

 Paul emailed the correct person to verify the dates we need to reserve the room for 2019. He is waiting an answer and verification.

Sheryl gave a discussion on the event that took place for Heritage Days at Cannon Elementary in Grapevine on November 16.   Sheryl, Linda and Jeff Robinson, Harmon Atkins and Faye Benezue attended.  They took brag items and 2 saws for the kids to see.  Lots of parents and grandparents were there as well as the kids.   There were several different exhibits but several children just stayed in the scroll saw area.   Grandparents were asking if we were coming back to help the kids learn how to use a scroll saw. Sheryl referred them back to the teachers or administrators to discuss.   This would be a fun project but lots of time involved.

We have developed a possible slate of officers that will be running for office.   If you want to volunteer or nominate someone please let Paul or Jo Ann know before the meeting.   If you nominate someone, please have their ok.

President                         Sheryl Pfeifer
V-President                      Faye Benezue
Treasurer                          Lavern Howell
Secretary                          Jo Ann Wiggs
Web Master                      Eddie Warren
Program Chairman          Paul Benson
Greeter and Librarian   Linda Robinson  with Cynthia Jordan as a back up


Jeff asked if we have another community project scheduled for next year.   The subject was tabled until 2019.

Jeff also showed us a problem with Inkscape.  He tried to print his project and it came out a page of black ink.   He found that by changing the project to a pdf file, save it, then print the pdf file. Inkscape originates in Europe which causes problems at times.

Virgil used Gorilla spray glue to attach his patterns.   The pattern did not stick.  Virgil contacted the website for Gorilla Glue and told them the problem.  Virgil was sent him a refund check which also included the shipping.   The company is now checking into the problem and will soon have a solution. Glue was discussed and most of us use 3M spray in a brown can.

Paul said he cannot find a 9 inch Xyron Machine at Michaels.   Several said that Michaels is carrying a limited supply of Xyron products and suggested going to the website.   Those that are not familiar with this product.   The machines are set up to do various functions.  It allows you to put sticky paper on the back of a patterns so that you do not have to use spray glue.   They also have a sticker machine and a laminator machine for paper.   Magnetic paper is also available.   Do not be fooled by their simplicity because the machines are wonderful.

Faye stated that she always cleans the ends of her blades with mineral spirits before attaching them in any of her scroll saws.   This cleans the oil and keeps the blades from slipping during use.   She found a package of small makeup sponges at Dollar Tree that do the trick with mineral spirits.  

Fays also asked if anyone has tried doing a craft show at their house and if it was a success.   Lavern said she did and it was very successful.   Faye asked if anyone would be interested in coming to her house for a show in the yard.   She lives in Hurst and is allowed 2 yard sales a year.   Several said they would be interested.   This topic will be continued.


  1. Paul is still hoping to get a man out to do a demo on making Frames in January
  2. Craig system of using screws on a project,   Jeff volunteered
  3. Ron will show us how to use scrapers for sanding.   This was devised before sandpaper
  4. Paul suggested using different household items for dyeing wood such as tea, coffee, Rite Dye

Sheryl a demo on how to use and pour Epoxy products

Cynthia brought a unique puzzle that will be 2 sided.   One side spring and other side fall.  She painted the puzzle using Unicorn Spit and a paint from the British.  She is also including a box to provide protection for the puzzle.   In the back inside, Cynthia also put a poem about the puzzle. Very nice.

Faye brought a Santa cutting.  The pattern is located in the Christmas 2010 magazine. She also cut Diana Thompson’s Santa and Mrs Santa Christmas scene music box.   Cute.

Bob brought several carved snow men.   He also showed off his Air Force Ornament that was cut for a friend.   Very original

Grover showed off his round ornament that he sprayed red.   He also cut a Merry Christmas saying and reduced the size to ornament.  He brought a nativity puzzle.   All wonderful as usual.

Sheryl  brought several pieces.   A Chess Board made of coca boa wood and covered in Epoxy . She also brought a plaque showing off a turtle using blue Epoxy on one side and a turquoise color on the opposite side.   This is for a 9 year old girl that is interested in saving the turtles.   Perfect gift.  Her 3rd item was a plaque with  Kachina Indian figures with inset Epoxy.
Balance of Meeting was used for eating and visiting with friends for our Christmas celebration.


January 26 , 2019
Election of officers and Payment of Dues $25.00 which includes all family members in the same household.

Jo Ann Wiggs                         Harmon Atkins
Faye Benezue                         Paul Benson
Sheryl Pfeifer                          Paul Martoccio
Karen Martoccio                     Grover Pierce
Eligio Betancourt                    Bob McCary
Jeff Robinson                         Linda Robinson
Eddie Warren                          Kathy Warren
Sally Goyne                            Jim Goyne
Dave Shealy                           Janet Borg
David Borg                             Virgil Bodensteiner
Connie Bodensteiner            Bill Howell
Lavern Howell                        Cynthia Jordan

Jo Ann Wiggs

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