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Faye called the meeting to order at 9:15AM with 15 members present.

Minutes:  Faye asked if there are any changes to the minutes
for the March 27, 2021 meeting as appearing on the website.   No amendments suggested

Treasurer report.   Jo Ann gave the report per Lavern.

Business  Paul asked if there is anyone present that feels uncomfortable meeting in person since the majority have their shots.   We will still have social distancing in seating and request us to wear masks.   Cynthia and Paul will set up the
Zoom meeting so that other members of our club can join us if they are unable to come in person.   The group agreed that we will meet in person for the May meeting.   Lavern has not been able to reach the recreation center to see if they will be opening and verify wifi availability.   We agreed to meet at Faye’s church
which has just upgraded their wifi and will be able to accommodate our wifi use.
St Andrew Lutheran Church
504 Euless Bedford Rd
Hurst,TX 76053
Park in the back parking lot.  There are handicap spaces right by the door.

Faye has been in contact with her friend that has a veteran’s group.  Faye gave her the THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE projects that we have finished.
The friend is excited and will be passing them out in May.   She has another
Project and needs more for September.   If you are coming to the May meeting, please bring all that you have finished.   The lady loved the new eagle plaque that Paul developed.

Virgil showed his Mom’s copy of the rose cross that she corrected the
bottom which made it a better geometric size.  It now does not look so boxy.

Faye showed off some light weight hangers to glue on the back of projects.
She purchased them from Walmart.

Virgil showed us his wood dye that he purchased at WoodWorld
Intrinsic Color Collections.  You add water to get the dye the shade you want.

Cynthia uses Unicorn Spit Paint.  It runs about $12.00 per bottle, but you thin the paint with water so it goes a long way.  It needs to be sealed with spray or lacquer. It does not bleed into the wood.
Virgil uses CHARTAC PAINT PINS to color his projects.  Virgil states these do not bleed or run.   They can be purchased at Walmart or Amazon. 

Harmon cut a Towel holder using a motorcycle puzzle as a base for the project.
(2) He stated that his cactus patch project that he showed last month has been sold to several friends.   His daughter painted the projects and made them into a cactus rock garden.

Myrl stated that her daughter Dawn is going back to teaching in the classroom.
Dawn’s classroom is always named the TURTLES.  Myrl designs puzzles using this logo with a turtle and Dawn gives one to each of her students before the end of the year.  Of course, all the kids want to be assigned to Dawn’s class.

Paul Martoccio showed off several intarsia projects

  1. 3 kittens in a basket ----perfect and so cute
  2. Picture of a girl putting on boots
  3. Intarsia picture of a motorcycle----all projects perfect of course

Faye  showed off a dolphin box she cut using a Diana Thompson pattern
(2) she showed her figurines cut from a book of animals which she is going through one by one.
(3) Faye displayed her intarsia plaque with a calla lily flower   ---beautiful
Virgil showed us his Texas Nativity.   Very nice
Bob Henry has a new library in town.   He made a US Flag cut from a combination of maple and pine using a Sheila Landry pattern. Of course it is painted with red, white, and blue paint.   Very striking.  This project will be donated to the new library.  What a wonderful addition.
Kevin Henry made earrings from 1/8  inch wood and was amazed at how light weight they are.  Very nice.
Eddie cut several THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE plaques using the pattern that Paul designed with an eagle.  Eddie finished it with a backer.   This helped the eagle stand out using natural MDF oak wood. The letters can either be cut, wood burned or painted.
Jo Ann showed off her Sue Mey box with a cat face on the top.  Jo Ann added a scalloped edge on the top and bottom of the box making it easier to lift the lid.

Faye gave a great demo on making a zero tolerance table cover that she designed for her Seyco saw.   This same information can be used for other saws that can use magnets on top.  She uses DIYMAG earth magnets that she ordered through Amazon that are only 1/8 inch thick. 
Acrylic ¼ inch thick
Magnets 4 at 1/8 inch thick
Paul will give a demo on making or using frames.
He will compare (1) making your own (2) using ready made (3) or having Haans frame your project.

Bob Henry suggested a demo on using epoxy

Cynthia wants to give a short demo using Unicorn Spit Paint.
 (this product is all natural and developed to let people use with no side effects

Paul—markers for painting.   Paul will get with one of our new members, Gwen who decorates her jewelry with a certain brand of marker then finishes them off with a layer of epoxy or silicone.  


Faye   Benezue                                                        Cynthia Jordan
Jo Ann Wiggs                                                           Harmon Atkins       
Jeff Robinson                                                           Myrl Grey
Virgil  Bodensteiner                                               Grover Pierce
Dave Shealy                                                             Paul Benson
Bob Henry                                                                Eddie Warren
Chois Blackwell                                                       Kevin Henry
Paul Martoccio      

Jo Ann Wiggs
817 326-3892
817 7009-1410 cell