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DFW Scrollers, May 25, 2019

Sheryl  called the meeting to order at 9:15 AM with  22 members present.

Sheryl began the meeting with the beginning of her demonstration on pouring and using Epoxy.  The end of her demo was presented at the end of the meeting.


Minutes from the April 27,2019 meeting were passed by the body present as appearing on the DFW Scrollers website.

No Treasurer’s report--Lavern was not present.

Dues.    Sheryl reminded us that Lavern will still be taking dues of $25.00 for 2019.

Insurance:   Sheryl read us the waiver that will appear at every meeting when we sign in.   This will allow us to have signatures that the club or demonstrator cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused during the demo. 
The club members voted and passed the waiver. This eliminates the need for club insurance since we no longer are covered by SAW.

LIBRARY  Remember to utilize our library

Woodworking Display  
North Lake College
50001 N McArthur
JuLY 8-Aug 16   Items need to be taken to the college or to Faye so that the projects can be delivered by June 27.
This is display only and you will need to leave your item throughout the event.
If you want to sell, please put the price on the item, but it will need to stay until Aug 16
Your display can be either hanging or table items.

Lone Star Gourd Festival  and Art Show
Aug 3-5  New Braunfells, TX
New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center

Wood Carver show and Rally 2019
Glen Rose, TX
@Oakdale Park
There will be several days of classes and workshops
With a 2 day show and sale.  
Per the internet, the dates have not been confirmed –I will let you know

Faye said that Woodcraft has a new manager named Judy who is very nice and wants us to start doing demos in the store beginning in October.    She has also set up for our club members to get a 10% discount  on scrolling items.   Remember to tell the cashier you are a paid member of DFW Scroller Club and show your card.

Faye also said she found a new store that just opened at the corner of Harwood and Brown Trail In Hurst.   IT’S PAINTABLE .   They sell various paints and will also teach you how to use them.

Woodworld in Dallas is getting rid of all their carving tools.  David Borg said the supply is limited due to sale so take advantage asap.  

Sheryl said that Rockler in Arlington is out of our club brochures.   She gave them a supply.   Sheryl did suggest that if we are in any of the stores to check to see if they need new brochures.

Rockler in Arlington has expanded their store making it much nicer for shopping.

Alex asked how to eliminate chipping on the top plywood copy.   He made his wife a retirement gift for her boss.   He did a stack of 3, and put blue tape on the top which he attached the pattern.   When he removed the tape,   the wood chipped on the top copy only.   Someone suggested he us thin throw away wood for the top copy or use cereal box cardboard to place the pattern on.  

Ryan brought his knife that he is carving.   Can’t wait to see the finished project.

Alex brought a retirement gift to be given to his wife’s boss.  He also brought a Santa form laying down from his hard working night of giving.   Alex gets his carving ability from his dad.   Nice

Ron  made a gift box and the 200 + puzzle that will be shown at North LAKE COLLEGE  wood exhibit.

Jo Ann showed her cross cut from Maple with a statement of The Old Rugged Cross. Sue Mey pattern.

Bob used a piece of drift wood that he attached carved hummingbirds and flowers which he painted.   He also brought a Santa face that he carved.

Jeff cut a sign using a pattern by Jim Blume which was mounted on a piece of fence post.   Jim will put a name in the pattern.   The sign was cut from birch plywood.

Harmon cut some new crosses. One cut from mahogany and another bubinga wood.  The Bubinga wood was found at Rockler in Arlington.

Faye’s son rides motorcycles.   She cut a Harley motorcycle for his birthday and had it framed by Han’s. Faye also brought 2 figures that are originally used for ornaments.   She framed them so that they can be used as wall hangings.

Grover made several ornaments, painted and then sprayed with Glitter blast.   Very nice.

Sydney cut the alphabet as a relief cutting which raised the letters.  

Virgil brought a cutting board as well as a nativity puzzle for the North Lake College exhibit.

Sheryl showed off her aquarium using 3 D figures as the fish.   She wanted the figures to look as they do when she is diving.   Each fish or figure is adapted by using colored Epoxy and set in Blue Epoxy which has been swirled to appear as ocean water.   She then covered the entire piece with clear Epoxy.   Sheryl will take the project to Hans to see what type of frame he suggests.

Sheryl completed her demo of pouring Epoxy.   Very complete and thorough.

Upcoming demos

  1.  Paul will give a demo on his Pen computer that works with the Inkscape System
  2. Jo Ann will show how she puts together the 3 layered nativity.  

We are not sure which months Paul and I will give our demo. 

Dale Smith suggested that someone do a demo on transferring a picture onto wood.   No one knows how, but we will see what it takes.  


Jo Ann Wiggs                            Sheryl Pfeifer
Harmon Atkins                          Faye Benezue
Cynthia Jordan                         Sydney Edwards
Glenn Edwards                         Mike Snider        
Bob McCary                              Preston Vickery
Beverly Vickery                        Jeff Robinson
Linda Robinson                        Glenn Edwards
Ron Moore                                David Borg
Alex Borg                                  Ryan Borg
Eligio Betancourt                     Eddie Warren
Grover Pierce                           Virgil Bodensteiner

Jo Ann Wiggs
DFW Scrollers

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