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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting July 30, 2022

Faye called the meeting to order with 16 members present.  Faye thanked everyone for coming.  No visitors were present.

Faye asked for a motion to accept the June minutes as appearing on line. A motion was made and the minutes were passed by the members present.
Lavern gave the treasurer’s report.
Faye discussed the ongoing Veteran’s project of
“THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE” plaques.  Faye will check with the representative to make sure she still wants the project to continue.  Faye will report back at the August meeting.

Faye received information from John Ellzey asking if someone wanted a free Hawk saw.  He lives in Garland and we would need to pick it up.   Russ Weaver will get with him and hold the saw until we find someone that wants it.
Faye reminded the members that we need suggestions for demos.  After discussing possibilities, Faye will ask her son to do a demo on Air Brush painting.
Faye turned the meeting over to Virgil for an announcement. Virgil will be moving to Colorado in the next few weeks with his brother and sister-in-law. This will be his last meeting with the DFW Scrollers.

Russ asked what it will take to increase our membership.  Jo Ann stated that in the past, we did demos at various wood working locations and many of our members met us and watched us work, thus joining our club.  The stores where we used to do demos have changed their policies.   If we do a demo it will be for only 1 or 2 hours, which limits our ability to talk with customers.
It was suggested that we put information on our dfwscrollers face book page.
Paul has it set up that any of us can add pictures and info to the page.  This discussion will continue in the August meeting after further investigation.

Russ stated that he is having problems deciding where to put his entry holes. Jo Ann showed him how she sets up her patterns.  She explained that when reading starter books,  it advises to put your drill holes as close to the line as possible. Jo Ann explained this does help to save use on the blade, but showed Russ to move his entry hole further into the fretwork hole.  This eliminates the drill causing the hole to go into the cutting line.  Russ said he just uses sawdust mixed with glue to fill in that hole.  Jo Ann explained that he is doing extra unnecessary work.  Just move the drill further into the pattern away from the cutting line.

Russ Weaver built a shadow box using Plexiglas for sides.  He cut aquarium figures out including fish and plants. His wife painted the figures.  This will be given to Russ’s sister.  Very nice.
(2) He also cut a fish and plant as a stand alone project.  
(3) Russ brought a sord fish which he is cutting as a puzzle.  His problem is the size of the pattern is bigger than his saw.   We explained make his first cut in the middle in order to make it fit his saw. Russ will also enclose the project in a box that Harmon gave a demo on in May.


  1. puzzle of a wolf using Peterson’s pattern located in an animal book. Harmon cut the puzzle using a PGT #7 blade.
  2. Puzzle designed by John Nelson of stacked cats.

Jo Ann showed several fretwork ornaments cut from Corian.  She also brought a variety of shapes and styles of jewelry she has designed. 
Lavern brought a small doll cradle that swings using a pattern by Steve Good. She has also made a quilt and pillow for decoration.

Grover Pierce showed his Tractor toy –very pro
He also brought a new type of sphere ball.  We are anxious to see how he has finished it for the August meeting.

Bob McCary  brought 2 Texas plaques that were painted differently.  Very nice. He also brought a cross.  He brought a variety of carved and painted Santa faces. As usual perfect.

Faye entertained us with her bird series, cut and painted. (2) she also had a horse scene that was beveled in relief fashion. The stained and layered pieces gave depth and beauty to the piece. (3) She showed us her clock that was on a beautiful finished stand.

  Kirk brought a sign LIVE LIFE—LAUGH OFTEN.   It was cut from ¾ inch wood and backed with 1/8 plywood painted dark to highlight the words.  He stated that he made a demo of how to make a sign.   He will get with Eddie to see if it can be put on our website. 

August     How to use an Air Brush –demo by Faye’s son
July     Faye did a great demo on shading our projects using Acrylic paint. The painting gives the projects depth . Thank you so much.   We learned a lot.

Jo Ann Wiggs                                                    Faye Benezue  
Lavern Howell                                                   Russ Weaver
Dave Shealy                                                      Harmon Atkins
Grover Pierce                                                    Bob McCary
Myrl Grey                                                         Glenn Edwards
Beverly Vickery                                                 Preston Vickery
Virgil Bodensteiner                                           Kirk Riley
Stephie  Palma                                                  Bill Howell

Jo Ann Wiggs