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Minutes for DFW Scrollers Meeting 10-27-2018

Paul Benson called the meeting to order with 23 members present. No visitors.

Minutes from the September 29, 2018 meeting passed by the attending members as appearing on the web-site.
Lavern gave the treasurer report.
Drawing for the SAW membership was won by Travis Burnett.

SAW   No report
Paul has sent in the list of days for our monthly meetings that we want to reserve.

Money.   Paul wanted to clear up the question about spending money.   Since we have no bylaws for the club, he is requesting that we have prior approval before money is spent out of the treasury.   This would mean that we have a discussion regarding the approval of spending money.
The group discussed this proposal and agreed.

January will be our election of officers.   Paul will resign as president. We have several volunteers for officers as follows.
If you want to volunteer for any of these offices, please let us know before the January meeting so we can add your name to our voting list.

President                          Sheryl Pfeifer
V-Pres                                Faye Benezue
Secretary                           Jo Ann Wiggs
Treasurer                           Lavern Howell ---
Lavern does need a 2nd signature at the bank since the president is changing.
Web Master                       Eddie Warren
Program Chairman             Paul Benson
Greeter and Library          Volunteer needed  

Heritage Days 
Cannon Elementary School  
Nov 16
1300 W College St.
Grapevine, TX 76051
817 251-5680
Anne from the Museum of Science and History is sponsoring this event.
We have worked with her several times and she is wonderful.
The club will be there to show off our projects whether they are finished or unfinished.   If you are interested in joining the group, please contact
Sheryl Pfeifer. 
Several of our members have already volunteered
Sheryl will bring her saw
Harmon will bring his saw
Jeff and Linda Robinson

December 8, 2018
We always skip November due to Thanksgiving.
Our December meeting will include POT LUCK FOOD. 
This meeting will include brag items,  Ask the Experts but mainly eating and visitation. 
I already have all the paper goods given to me by Clara.   
We will not have a demonstration

Lyndal stated that he still has 3 gross of Polor #1 that he is willing to sell.
He also wanted to know about how we like Polor #5.   Several gave their opinion stating that they cut straight, but you have to clean the backs up after cutting.
If cutting hard wood, they are excellent.

Paul gave a tip.   If using the cover on the Seyco saw, gradually the top gets scratched and scared.   You can purchase a new one through Seyco for $18.00.
Ray suggests turning the cover around, drilling a hole in the bottom end to give you a zero tolerance table.    Randy also stated that the magnetic calendar that Jo Ann gave him was perfect for setting up a zero tolerance top without having to tape something down. 

Randy has a Seyco saw which was slipping when putting in blades.   He took it to Ray at Seyco who gave it a tune up and the saw is working better than it was as a new saw.   He stated that the tune up charge was well worth the money.

Someone asked how to keep the arm up on a top loading saw. It was suggested to tighten the screw which helps keep the arm from falling.

Lyndal brought a window type project that used pictures and sayings of the ten commandments that he found in a calendar. Very smart and cute.

Faye brought a Peace on Earth plaque that she painted with Unicorn Spit Stain.
She said the stain can be purchased through Jo Ann Fabrics on line.

Cynthia brought a peacock that Paul cut and she painted the background using paint purchased through Art and Alchemy on line.

Randy brought various carved free standing men.   Each cut in a unique design.
He also cuts angel ornaments for his family each year. This year he chose patterns designed by Sheila Landry using 1/8 inch walnut as the backer with 1/8 maple as the wings.   He used #2 Pegus Modified Geometry blades.  He got his wood from Woodcraft.

Paul brought in the 2017 Steve Good nativity pattern that is round and makes into a box.   He also modified and cut the 2018 round nativity pattern using ¼ inch MDF and painted the outside of the box black.   Very nice.

Linda cut and brought in a plaque of Greeting of the Season.  She used a washer to go around the writing which gave her a perfect backer for her project. Nice.

Jeff cut a toy dinosaur and toy airplane.   He will display these at the event being held on Nov 16 at the Cannon Elementary School.   See above for the event information.
Jeff also cut and assembled a clock cut from sheet metal using a fireman’s logo and backed with red metal.   Very sharp looking.  He is going to paint the clock hands black for contrast.

Sheryl cut coasters with a turtle design, finished with epoxy tinted with turquoise pigments and backed with cork.    These are beautiful as usual.

Beverly brought a fretwork Christmas tree that is slotted for easier storage.
She also entered a Noah’s Ark in the State Fair.  She won first place in her category.   Yea for Beverly.   She is the best.

Lavern brought a relief cutting of a nativity using a live piece of cedar.   Very nice.
She also brought a Kleenex Box showing off hummingbirds.
Lavern also cut several geometric cross puzzle pieces that fit into a small sack.
These are certainly brain testers.   She gave several to church friends.

Paul gave a demo on drilling holes in strategic areas of our projects, and cutting the projects so that we do not have areas weaken or fall out.   Very informative.   Thank you Paul. 

 We do not have a demonstration planned for our next meeting, Dec 8.
That meeting is reserved for eating and visitation.   We will concentrate on our brag table projects.

Paul did suggest that at a future meeting, we have a demo on the use of natural dyes such as tea, coffee, Kool aide, and Jello, etc.  If you have any ideas along these lines, please email me so we can pursue this idea.  

Happy Thanksgiving and see you in December.  For those of you doing craft shows, good luck.


Jo Ann Wiggs                       Lavern Howell
Paul Benson                         Faye Benezue
Sheryl Pfeifer                       Cynthia Jordan
Harmon Atkins                      Linda Robinson
Jeff Robinson                       Grover Pierce
Lyndal Hutcherson               Eddie Warren
Eligio Betancourt                  Randy Northrop
Glenn Edwards                      Bob McCary
Travis Burnett                        J Burnett
Dave Shealy                           David Borg
Beverly Vickery                     Preston Vickery
Sidney Edwards

Jo Ann Wiggs
DFW Scrollers

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