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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting 10-30-2021

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM with 23 members and visitors present .

Kirk Riley on Zoom introduced himself and said he was told about us by WoodCraft.  He will be joining our membership in January.

Secretary Report as found on  If anyone has a correction on the 9-21-21 minutes, please contact with correction.

Lavern gave the treasurer report.
Per Lavern the bank where we have our account has changed names.   we needed new checks but was told that it would be an $80 charge.  She explained that we are a nonprofit organization and should not be charged for checks.  The bank told her that we can use the old checks but will need new ones by March.   Paul suggested that we go to Cosco and use their print service for new checks.   He only paid $20 for a batch of checks.  

Zoom was discussed.   Our Zoom account needs to be renewed ao this month.  Cynthia has a coupon that will give us a price of $74 for the next year’s service.   Zoom was discussed that we have just a few members using the service and it is a lot of work for Paul and Cynthia.  Paul stated that he is through with zoom due to work.  It does not allow him to visit or be apart of the regular meeting.   Cynthia is going back to work and will not always be available on Saturday. After a long discussion,  Lavern made a motion to discontinue Zoom.   The motion passed.  We will no longer have Zoom.

Paul Benson made a motion that we give the church a donation of $500 for the use of the church during this year. The motion was passed and Lavern gave the check to Faye to present to her minister.

Faye asked for a discussion of continuing our monthly meetings at the church or returning to the recreation center in Irving starting with the January 2022 meeting. The rec center has reserved the room from 9AM-1PM for our use
Georgia Farrow Recreation Center
830 Davis Dr.
Irving, Tx 75061
972 721-2519

Virgil made a motion to move our meetings back to the recreation center.  The motion was passed. As of the January 2022 meeting we will meet in Irving.

Faye announced that Paul does not want to be program chairman in 2022 but will take over the job of Greeter therefore, we will need a program chairman and librarian.  If anyone wants to volunteer for any of our jobs, please let Faye or Jo Ann know so that we can put you on the ballot in January.

Jo Ann asked if anyone has had trouble buying 3M77 repositionable glue.   Jo Ann tried at Lowe’s and WalMart in Granbury and none on shelves.   Members discussed other glues available.  Jo Ann purchased the permanent spray glue from the craft department.  Since permanent she made sure to put
Stick and Peel shelf paper down before adding the pattern backed with glue.

David asked what glue Faye used when gluing her intarsia pieces to the backer.
Faye uses Gorilla wood glue only.   Other Gorilla glue does not work. She stated that it dries slowly giving time to manipulate the intarsia pieces.   Grover uses Weldbond purchased from Ace Hardware.
I have used that before and really like Weldbond.
Several of us also use Titebond Quick & Thick in the gray container.  It is thick enough that it does not run but it allows for movement to set your pieces.  

The group discussed using a Xyron  Machine.  This allows us to roll the pattern thru the machine which attaches the pattern to the paper.  Very easy to use.  Cut the paper from the machine and attach the pattern to your wood.   There is different paper.  One is a repositional  which  allows for easy removal after cutting.  Two is a permanent paper used on puzzles.  This paper does not come off after cutting.
The group discussed the price of the rolls of paper had gone up dramatically.   Lavern stated that she is willing to pay for the higher price due to the ease of usage.
Some said that the cheapest price was on Amazon.  Others found it cheaper on other companies.
Paul Benson is going to research the paper prices and will give us a demo in January.

Eddie asked about Vacuums for the saws.  Paul discussed his system rigged to his saw. 
Others said they have small vacuums purchased at lowe’s or home depot with suction hoses that are rigged to come up under the machine.  They use magnets to hold the hose and nozzle in place.

Elbert cut a design in a hand cut rifle.  He used a dow rod as the barrel. He then made a frame with a green background to accent his piece.   Beautiful

Paul cut a cat puzzle and added a small backer to keep the pieces together.

Mary Mathias also cut a similar cat puzzle but used a spiral blade.   Both were of course perfect.

Kirk showed off a cutting design using maple and oak.  He started cutting in 2005.  Very nice.

Faye showed off her intarsia Joy Angel using found in shop wood. 
(2) She cut a sheep dog from a pattern book –she is going thru all the pages alphabetically.
(3) Faye cut a St Patrick Day plaque.   Very colorful.

Eddie cut 100 heart designs to put in their Christmas cards. 
(2) He also showed his 2 magnets that were designed by Bobby Riggs

David Borg showed off his patterns and pictures cut that he designed from a picture of his son’s dog that died.   David framed the picture which also showed off an artistic pattern.  Nice

Jo Ann showed several Christmas ornaments cut using both Corian and wood.  
She was asked where to get red cedar. She gets her red cedar at Canton First Monday Trade Day.  

Virgil advised the best place is
Wilcox Timber & Lumbermill
215 Loop 343 West
903 520-4629

The ad  shows they also have mesquite, cypress and walnut. 

December 11, 9:30Am 
At the Church
St Andrew Lutheran Church
504 Bedford-Euless Rd West
Hurst, TX 76053 Fellowship Hall

We will skip November due to the holidays.
Our December meeting will not have a demo, but please bring your brag items.

This is also our Christmas celebration and visitation for club members and their family or guests.

Bring your pot luck food ---mainly breakfast items.   We do not have set menus.  But plan on coming.

Members and visitor present
Kevin Henry                                    Kirk Riley
Myrl Grey                                        Ellen Adler
Glenn Edwards                               Mary Mathias
Linda Robinson                              Jeff Robinson
Cynthia Jordan                               Paul Benson
Russ Weaver                                   Faye Benezue
Jo Ann Wiggs                                  Beverly Vickery
Preston Vickery                               Bob McCary
Lavern Howell                                  Virgil Bodensteiner
David Borg                                       Elbert Woodham
Eddie Warren                                    Scott from Colorada (friend of Russ)
Grover P:ierce

Jo Ann Wiggs    Secretary