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DFW Scrollers, Sept 28, 2019

Sheryl called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 19 members present.

The minutes from the August 31 meeting were approved by the body present as appearing on the website.

Lavern gave the treasurer’s report.

The website went down again.   After investigating the following was found.
Jo Ann Wiggs and the Club had been receiving web space provided by a member Steven Storey who recently passed away.Neither Jo Ann or the Club realized that Steven had put these accounts together.  Jo Ann received a bill for $300.00 to continue the site.  She sent a note in to discontinue her account.  Both Jo Ann’s and the Club’s site were taken down.  Eddie talked with the people and found that they would provide our Club with a years
service for $150.00 + tax which equaled $162.38.  Eddie and Jo Ann discussed the problem and found they could not get a cheaper rate.   Eddie had the money put on his credit card and the website was brought back up.  
A motion was made and seconded to reimburse Eddie for the money spent. Lavern gave Eddie $162.38.  
Thank you Eddie for all your hard work.

Jeff mentioned that the woodworkers group in Houston had decided to give up on the woodworking show in this area.   They were unable to get enough vendors to pay for the event.   The event coordinators are now working on another show in the Houston area with an approximate date in April 2020.  Further information to be announced.

Dale Smith stated that the North Texas Carvers were inviting us to an event that would also include lessons for carving.   The Carver’s club has tools that new people can use while learning to carve.  That would enable us to get a feel for the tools needed before paying for equipment.
The North Texas Woodcarvers Guild
Monthly Meetings
2nd Saturday of each month
Elks Lodge 8550 Lullwater Dr.
Dallas, TX 75238

Lavern has cut 2 children’s banks but split out the bottom while trying to make the hole to remove the money.
The pattern called for a forstner bit to be used.  Both tries split the wood. 
(1)Several suggested she clamp the wood together for her pattern,
(2) cut the hole with the forstner bit, but only about an inch into the wood.
(3) then cut the the rest of the project
(4) This should leave the bottom in tack with enough wood to glue the project together.

Chois asked how do you stain or finish Baltic birch.
It was suggested to use boiled linseed oil, tongue oil, or old English Lemon oil.

Jo Ann asked about the Fairy lights that Jim attached to his project last month.  Jim showed Jo Ann the
Lights and explained how to use them

Lyndal bought his first pattern from Sue Mey. He cut the US flag with a saying

  1. Stand for the Flag and kneel for our Christ
  2. He also brought a plaque with a religious saying

Jo Ann brought 3 different sizes of the same Nativity Plaque designed by Sheila Landry. Jo Ann wanted to show that different people will buy different sizes due to their needs.
Jim Goyne brought a butterfly with Amazing Grace in the middle and cut from African Mahogany.
(2)He also brought a compound cutting that showed Jesus Lives

Faye used a Sue Mey Pattern of a nativity with lights.  She used lights on the project and left the figures loose so that the kids can rearrange them.

Paul Martoccio brought several intarsia pieces including a Dumbo using a blue pine.   The pine was obtained from an RV dealer that uses blue pine to remodel the inside of RV’s. He sells the end cuts.

David Borg brought his original carvings of Halloween. He will be giving classes on carving. 

Beverly Preston  made two hand games using patterns of mazes and adding ball bearings.

Eddie cut musical notes from walnut.  His wife is in 4 different orchestras and he cuts each member a Christmas gift each year amounting to 100 cuttings this year.   What a project.  

  1. He also cut ornaments to be added to his Christmas cards.   

Bob McCary used rough cuts to carve a bust as well as a Santa Clause. 
(2) Bob also cut 2 guitars that were in our Scroll Saw Magazine that was found 2 issues back.

Jeff Robinson gave a wonderful demonstration on stack cutting.   He showed us how he uses a glue gun to
Attach 2 layers of leather and faced by 2 thin pieces of wood.  
The best part of the demo was his use of 2 new tools

  1. Belt Sander----Triton TA1200BS Belt Sander which can be found at Rockler for around $170.  

   This is a small sander that can be used as an up right or as a flat sander.

  1. Ryobi Glue Gun-- Home Depot $30.00.---Battery operated (Batteries and charger extra)


  1. Oct--  Preston Vickery  will show us how to use his new jig for cutting circles
  2. Jan--  Paul will give us a presentation on the use and advantages of using SQUARE while selling at a craft show
  3. Feb—Dale Smith will show us how to transfer pictures to wood
  4. Mar—Jim Goyne will use his jig to show us how to glue thin pieces of wood together without them buckling.
  5. Apr—Dale Smith will show us the art of Marquetr

 Members Present
Jo Ann Wiggs                           Paul Martoccio
Lavern Howell                          Jim Goyne
Jeff Robinson                           Linda Robinson
Myrl Grey                                  Chois Blackwell
Mike Snider                               Dale Smith
Beverly Vickery                        Preston vickery
Lyndal Hutcherson                  Bob McCary
Paul Benson                             David Borg
Sheryl Pfiefer                            Faye Benezue
Eddie Warren         

Jo Ann Wiggs