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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting Sept 24, 2022

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 14 members present.
No visitors.

Faye stated that the August meeting minutes were on line and if anyone has changes please contact Jo Ann and she will correct the minutes.

Lavern gave the treasurer’s report which were approved by the members in attendance.

Faye stated that she has been notified by the recreation center personnel.  Our club will be given an award based on our backing up the center. This award will be given at Irving City Hall. Our club will need to choose a representative to accept the award in December.
We will be given date and time at our October meeting.
Jo Ann made a motion that we have Harmon accept the award. He has been a member of DFW scrollers since it was formed January 6, 2006.
He also was the longest running president.   A 2nd was made and the motion was passed.  

Cynthia questioned if we have used dyes which gives color as well as finishes to our projects.  The product can either be purchased on line or at Woodcraft.   RUBIO MONO COAT.

Cynthia asked if we had also used a maroon ring which is 360 grit sand paper with good paper on the back.  The product can be cut up and used for an extended time.  This product is originally produced to be used with a floor sander.
Virgil gave a reference for sandpaper
Kingspore  Abrasive  800 644-5555
Kingspore provides many types of sandpaper

Small drill bits can be purchased at Widget supply Co

Lavern was asked about using her sandflee.  She stated that her sandflee is her main sander including fretwork.  
Faye also depends on her sandflee.

Elbert showed us a cutting of an Indian which he accented using a round clock frame.   Nice  idea.
(2) He brought a fretwork cross framed in a self made frame. Nice accent.

Harmon cut an owl puzzle with a self contained box.
(2) he cut a walnut cross and has an order for 10 more

Lavern showed us a tree cut from purple heart that had a saying
(2) Lavern had cut Christmas trees.  She added them to an angel scene
As a table decoration.

Bob McCary brought his Sheila Landry 3 arched nativity
 (2) He brought a 2nd nativity from ¼ inch wood with backer painted blue.
(3) Bob carved several Christmas ornaments and painted each.   Very nice.

Paul Benson brought a Hickory slab showing off a tree design. 
(2) Paul used the plastic rods that Kevin Henry gave to several members. Paul used the 3D designs as handles for making wands.

Grover cut Halloween lanterns from used fence posts.  Very clever

Kirk Riley cut 2 different Sheila Landry sign designs.   Beautiful.

Faye cut a Corian ornament
(2) She showed us an intarsia picture of a cat with an attitude.  This will be a gift for her son.
(3) She showed off her Intarsia Christmas ornament.
(4) Faye has been working her way through a book with animal figures in alphabetical order.  She is up to K.  The figures are all painted and so cute.

Jo Ann brought a variety of Christmas ornaments. 

Paul gave a demo showing a drying rack that he put together and how he dries his projects.

October 29,2022     we do not have a demo planned.   If you want to volunteer or have an idea of a demo, please contact Jo Ann.

Bob McCary                                           Jo Ann Wiggs
Faye Benezue                                         Lavern Howell
Chois Blackwell                                      Dena Evans
Virgil Bodensteiner                                Cynthia Jordan
Paul Benson                                           Elbert Woodham
Eddie Warren                                         Harmon Atkins
Grover Pierce                                         Kirk Riley