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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting May 20, 2023
Faye called the members to order at 9:30 AM with 13 present.

Faye stated that the minutes for the April meeting appear on the Web site.  If any changes please contact Jo Ann.  Minutes were approved by the members present.
Treasurer’s report.  Lavern was not present so we did not have a report.

New Business
The members met on the parking lot of the recreation center at 9AM and exchanged items that members brought.  It was fun getting rid of our treasures and exchanging them for new ones from other members.  Fun Morning.
(2) We discussed our upcoming demo day at WoodCraft in Plano. Set up will begin at 9AM with Harmon, Grover, Jo Ann and David bringing saws. Everyone will bring their brag items.  We want to encourage all our members to come and enjoy the fun.  It will be a good day to check out the WoodCraft store and all its inventory
Reminder to bring glued down patterns to cut.  
We can sell our products so be sure to price them.  Each seller is responsible for bringing their own money for making change. 
Clean up.  We need to clean up our area before we leave, but can use the store’s equipment.
601 W. Plano Pkwy
Suite 145
Plano Tx 75075
972 422-2732
Set up time is 9AM. 

Alex asked how to cut letters in a project and have the back as good as the front. Suggested that he use a Polar 5 blade, or #5 geometric blade.  Also suggested to slow down his cutting. Always use a new sharp blade for cutting small items such as letters.

David brought several spoons he cut with scroll saw then carved into shape.  He found that in the 1500’s in Europe, the men carved spoons and presented them to women they wanted to court.   The girl’s family would then decide if a man was able to support their daughters by his carving.
Jo Ann showed off several pieces that she has cut and finished this week including military plaques by Steve Good.
Faye brought in a cute basket by Winfield. There are 4 selections in the patterns and she is on #3.   (2) She showed off her Key holder showing off a duck which was cut from pine and painted.
Eddie brought a design he cut in the shape of a jelly jar with the name Nana’s Jelly. This was in memory of his mother who supplied everyone that came to visit a jar of jelly.   He will add a magnet to hang on the fridge.  
Russ brought his small images of animals and people that can be interchangeable. He will use these as giveaways at the demo on Saturday.
Bob McCary cut a Celtic cross with his saw and is now in the process of carving the cross to give it extra dimension.  
Paul Martoccio brought his new intarsia of the birth of Christ. Very beautiful and powerful.

Demonstration for June
David Borg will give the demo showing us his use for power carving tools

Bob McCary                                                             Harmon Atkins
Grover Pierce                                                          Eddie Warren
Paul Martoccio                                                       David Borg
Alex Borg                                                                  Jo Ann Wiggs
Faye Benezue                                                          Beverly Vickery
Russ  Weaver                                                          Ron Moore

Jo Ann Wiggs
817 326-3892