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Minutes for the July 28, 2018 meeting

Paul called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 38 members and visitors present.
Ellen Adler introduced herself stating that she met the group during our demonstration at the Museum of Science and History with the Makers group. 

Dan Borg introduced himself and is the brother of David Borg

The minutes from the June meeting passed as appearing on the dfwscrollers website.

Lavern gave the treasurer’s report.

Faye Benezue won the drawing for a SAW membership. 

Lyndal gave a report on Glenn Edwards health stating his surgery was a success and was coming home today. 
 Lyndal also stated that he had two shows coming up in the fall that he needed help in loading and unloading for the show.  Glenn was going to help him but doubted he would be able to due to health.
Paul stated that Lyndal let him know and he would most likely be available to help.

Our regular August meeting has been changed to Aug 18th.  The rec center has a yearly garage sale on the 4th Saturday of August and has asked us to change our meeting date for that month only.    

This was a new activity.   Anyone that had extra wood, tools, etc they wanted to give away can bring them to the parking lot starting at 8:45AM.   You just pull up and open your trunk.  Members can go through your items and take whatever they want or can use.   Trash to treasure.
Saturday was the first time we tried this and we all agreed it was a success.   Members came early to either give away or take items.  Coming early encouraged everyone to visit as well as exchange items.
We want to thank Jim Thornton for bringing his father’s scroll saw items including wood, cut projects , books and patterns.  Paul took the left over items and will bring them to our August meeting which will allow time for us to go through the books and patterns.  

Paul led a discussion for having the Trunk or Treat monthly or quarterly.   Michele suggested we have it monthly until the end of the year and then start quarterly in January.   This will give us all an opportunity to get wood or books for Christmas projects.   After a group discussion, it was agreed that we would have the Trunk or Treat at the October meeting.   We will then discuss a permanent time period for 
Trunk or Treat.   This will give us all time to go through our books, wood or tools for open trunk.   

Paul stated that we are going to Robinson Lumber Co
Thursday,   August 2
10:30AM   anyone wanting to come meet there
Barney Robinson Hardwoods and Lumber Co
2500 E Lancaster AV
Fort Worth, TX 76103
817 534-8901

Paul discussed the suggestions that were made for future demos. 
Chois stated that he thought Scrollsaw 101 would include how to insert and square up blades.
As well as simple trouble shooting.  
Rather than Scrollsaw 101 Paul suggested having a Scrollsaw corral and discussing the different types of saws. 
Paul said we had already had two demos on staining and what exactly did we want from another one. 
Myrl stated that she always takes a new idea out of any demo even if we have had the same one earlier.  Ideas or facts will click even if she has heard it before. 
Faye suggested we have a demo on staining wood. 

Lyndal asked if anyone had encountered a problem with a DeWalt or Delta saws coming to a dead stop.  He had a problem after not using the saw in awhile.
He also had a problem with his Excalibur losing all tension.   Several suggestions were made but
nothing was solved.
Someone suggested that the Wynett Woodworkers has a youtube video on repairing saws or
check Steve Good’s videos.

Ryan Borg showed us his silhouette of a Minion and 2 daggers that he cut and sanded.  Ryan you are doing really well.

Lyndal brought his original design of the Last Supper done with crosses.  He has added layers of different types of wood on each cross giving the project a lot of dimension.  Beautiful

David brought his original carvings of girls and another of an egg with dragon

Paul did a flower design of stacked wood showing dimension.  He showed 2 pictures of cats in window setting that he cut and framed.  He also designed a Scrollsaw pattern that he took from an embroidery pattern called black work.

Lavern showed off a wedding cross by Sue Mey
Sheryl  added turquoise color with epoxy that she added to a butterfly design. 

Faye cut 2 slotted free standing angels.  The pattern was from a Dremel pattern book dated 1938.

Jeff brought a word sign cut from styrofoam and painted for accents.

Grover designed a toy using slotted wheels that allowed the toy to move back and forth.
He also made a beautiful box with a fretwork  design top.

Jo Ann showed some earrings with fretwork and stained with alcohol dye.   Others were cut from pen blanks using the compound cut method and beads added.


Travis Burnett                         J Burnett
Jim Thornton                          Dave Shealy
Cliff Colwell                             Ellen Adler
Myrl Grey                                Randy Northrop
Larry Monschke                     Virgil Bodensteiner
Beverly Vickery                      Lavern Howell
Sheryl Pfeifer                         Ron Moore
Jo Ann Wiggs                         Harmon Atkins
Sally Goyne                            Jim Goyne
Eligio Betancourt                   Sharon Stapleton
Mike Snider                            Cynthia Jordon
Lyndal Hutcherson                Chois Blackwell
Faye Benezue                         Eddie Warren
Grover Piece                           Paul Benson
Dennis Goodson                    Tom Boltz
Michele Crawford                   Dan Crawford
Kaydn Zehr                             David Borg
Dan Borg                                 Ryan Borg
Jeff Robinson                         Linda Robinson

Jo Ann Wiggs

d r