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DFW Scrollers, April 27, 2019

Sheryl called the meeting to order with 27 members present.


The minutes from the March 30, 2019 meeting were accepted by the members present as appearing on the DFW Scrollers Web Site.

Lavern gave the treasurer report

Cynthia gave Lavern a receipt for folders for the library for $18.76.   Lavern gave her a check.


Jeff stated that per Face Book SAW is no longer in existence.  All assets are in receivership.
All accounts in Georgia are frozen.  
This leaves us without insurance.  After a long discussion it was decided that if we purchase insurance it is only good for the person giving a demo.  Sheryl called an agency to check on obtaining event insurance.   This would be about $300 per event for a million dollar policy.  We would need this in order to host a Picnic or wood event.  
A motion was made that we have a waiver that is part of the sign up sheet.   If someone refuses to sign the sheet the he or she will be asked to leave before the demo.  Linda said their church has a waiver that is used before children are taken on a field trip.  A 2nd was made and the membership voted and passed the decision for us to sign the waiver.  

It was also discussed that if we do a demo at a location such as Rockler or the Museum, insurance is carried by that facility.

David attended the Carver show in Cleburne but attendance was low due to the rain. 

Faye hosted a craft sale at her house.  Anyone could bring a table and put out their items for sale.  It was not well attended due to the weather.   She is going to try it one more time and see if she can get more

The IMAKE project at the Museum of Science and History in Fort Worth was a success.   The club members took 3 saws for demos and lots of brag items.  Puzzles were taken for small children to put together.   Paul stated that next year he thinks that 2 saws would be enough because only 6 members attended and it was hard to talk with the attendees while doing demos.   He is hoping that next year more members will participate.

Woodworking Display  
North Lake College
50001 N McArthur
June 28-Aug 16
This is display only and you will need to leave your item throughout the event.
If you want to sell, please put the price on the item, but it will need to stay until Aug 16
Your display can be either hanging or table items.

Wood show put on by the Houston club is still being set up.   Glenn talked with Norm Nickles who stated that they are getting close to final details.  At this point it is to be in Burleson with the exact location and date to be finalized soon. 

May 17-19, 2019 in Grapevine, TX   
Annual Main Street Fest
Paul said that if you volunteer during the hours of 11AM -3PM  or 3PM-6PM that you will get free admission.    Let Paul know if you want to volunteer.

Jeff said he is having trouble with his set screw.  Sheryl said that Paul showed her how to reset the set screw on her DeWalt. 
 Randy stated that the top feeder saws have the knob on the back of the saw.   That knob is not for tension, but for leveling the arm.   The knob gradually vibrates around which causes us to have a problem with getting blades to fit correctly in the slot.    Turn the knob, which will realign the arm, which in turn will allow the blades to fit correctly and be able to stay in correctly.

Someone said that he has trouble seeing under the saw to check the blade placement.  Paul said he puts his cell phone on self photo mode and uses it as a camera enabling him to see the under carriage of his saw.
Paul also found that while vacuuming, he can put in a net (such as one you get with oranges) in his vacuum wand.  The net will let the dust be vacuumed up, but will not allow larger items to come through the wand.  

Alex Borg brought a large stand up Eagle that he donated to his son’s Scout Group to be used during Eagle Scout ceremony.    Beautiful.
Randy cut the 3D dolphin puzzle that appeared in the last Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts magazine. He used a Chinese chop stick for the eye.   He used a #3 and #5 Polar for cutting .   Randy also carved 2 cowboys with very large hats.   Well done.

Jim Pochurek brought several items. He is in the process of cutting and assembling small guitars using scrap exotic woods.  He also brought a small replica of a Winchester 1783 rifle.  

Paul brought 2 copies of a fairy that he had framed using reflective on one and non reflective on the 2nd.   The group voted that the non reflective glass was the best.   It only cost $5.00 more.
(2) Bowl
(3) Toys made using marbles that turn as the toy rolls.
(4)  Made a very nice dish from trash wood, and used food safe oil to finish.   We think it is Mesquite wood.

Faye brought a wonderful Christmas Scene from the 2010 Creative Woodworks Magazine
(Cozy Holiday Corner)    perfect

Jeff brought some wooden handles that her turned and will be putting on some gardener tools for his mother.

Bob used some trash wood that Paul gave away.   He added beautiful flowers, butterfly, hummingbirds to the front of the pieces of wood.   His figures were painted making them all wonderful spring scenes.

Grover cut a scull that was made from 1/8 inch layers of wood.  Pattern by Alex Fox   Good Job. He finished with a variation of grays which really made the piece look like a scull.

Glenn Edwards brought several fretwork crosses.  
(2) Dove with words of inspiration
(3) Layered Bible saying
(4) Layered Heart

Sidney Edwards cut 3 puzzles showing different finishes of bears.  
(2) Sidney cut 3d tulips which he painted.   Very nice and colorful for spring.
Sheryl brought a longhorn western cross that she cut and filled in with white pearl epoxy.  Very nice with a different twist to the pattern.


Jeff gave a thorough demo showing how to use the Kreg Pocket Hole system. 

FUTURE DEMONSTRATIONS.       We are changing the dates due to our schedules

May –Sheryl will show us how she mixes and pours epoxy.    She is asking us to  be at the rec center by 9AM so we can be ready for her to start her demo by 9:15AM.  This will allow her time to start the demo which includes pouring.   While we are having the meeting the epoxy will have time to set up, so we can see the finished product.   
            YEA CAN’T WAIT

June ---Paul will give his demo on a system using a Pen computer that works with the Inkscape System.

July ---Jo Ann will give a demo on putting together the 3 layered nativity.

Jo Ann Wiggs                        Grover Pierce
Glenn Edwards                     Jim Pochurek
Bob McCary                          Randy Northrop
Harmon Atkins                      Lavern Howell
Chois Blackwell                    Eddie Warren
Ryan Borg                              Alex Borg
David Borg                             Sheryl Pfeifer
Sally Goyne                           Jim Goyne
Faye Benezue                        Dennis Goodson
Virgil Bodensteiner               Cynthia Jordan
Jeff Robinson                        Linda Robinson
Beverly Vickery                      Preston Vickery
Sidney Edwards                     Ron Moore

Jo Ann Wiggs

d r