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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting 9-25-2021

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 27 members and visitors present.

Visitors Kathy Deal and Jonie Matthielesn introduced themselves. They live in the retirement community of Robson Ranch.   The two of them are part of a woodworking group who make toys to give away.  The two had met Paul Benson at Grapefest and decided to come check out our club meeting.

Secretary Report is found on line If anyone finds an error, please contact Jo Ann so she can make corrections.

Treasurer’s Report.   Lavern gave the report.

Old Business  Faye, Jo Ann and Paul Martoccio attended the Three Rivers Carver show.  Faye reported that it was a fun weekend. The person setting up the show explained that this was the first year in that location.   They decided to cut down on activities since they were not sure of space.  Next year the club is going to include carving contests and will allow our club to bring in our saws for demos.  These plans are pending.  The show will be a week later due to a conflict in Cleburne city garage sales.   Information will be sent to all present.

Jo Ann had sent in a check for 3 tables and 2 people.   She is going to send her statement to Lavern for reimbursement.

Paul Benson had entered 4 pieces in the I MADE IT FROM WOOD exhibition that was located at the same building.  Very nice. 

Beverly Vickery entered a cross at the State Fair of Texas and won a blue ribbon.   Congratulations.

Joy Edwards stated that she and Glenn visited JennaBeth Hutcherson.  Joy stated she is doing well and living by herself.  She would like for us to get all of Lyndal’s Scroll Saw Magazines. Paul Benson will meet with Glenn and Joy to pick up the magazines before our October meeting.  The copies will be available for our own use.  First come, first serv.

Joy and Glenn attended the Houston Woodworking show last weekend.  Joy said it was well attended with lots of good vendors.  Norm Nichols set up she show and told them that there was a lot of interest and was satisfied with the results.

Midcities Fall Arts and Craft show   1601 Campus Dr. Hurst, Tx 76054  Oct 10.
Art Show currently running at the church which includes children’s art.

Russ Weaver is a new scroller and asked what type of finish to put on his project. Paul stated that he uses Krylon satin(not high gloss) spray.  Light coat and buff with fine sand paper. And respray until you get the finish you want.   It was also suggested to use triple thick Krylon with buffing in between each coat.    Faye then added that she buffs with different grades of brown paper sacks ending with tissue paper which is the finest.

Kevin asked about a sand flee for sanding.  If we find a used on for sale, please let him know.

Bob Henry showed his Nativity Scene using a pattern from Steve Good.  He cut from Walnut and maple.  Bob added stars to the background. He went to a fingernail supply co and purchased the stars that are used on fingernails.   Great idea.

Virgil showed off his nativity cut from Sheila Landry pattern and used wood he purchased from the carver show from Danny Reb.
(2) He also cut a Sheila Landry word art sign.  

Paul Benson brought a Nativity using a Steve Good pattern. He changed the text to A CHILD IS BORN.  Paul used Mahogany and maple MDF. He enlarged the pattern slightly in order to allow for the extra words on the saying.

Elbert cut a 1903 Studebaker using a Dirk Bohlman and Patrick Speilman pattern
(2) He used maple for the base of a saw with scene cut, and used purple heart for the handle

Grover brought us an ornament with snowflakes which he cut from aircraft plywood.
(2) his second ornament was a snowflake with a flute musical instrument on the back.

Bob used pine to cut trivets. He does not add a finish.  His wife has been using an unfinished trivet for a long time and it has held up well.
(2) His carver group is carving a nativity scene.  Bob brought Joseph to show.

Cynthia brought a fold up box with a dinosaur scene she cut.  Inside she cut and painted a puzzle.  This will be a gift for her niece’s birthday.  

Eddie cut a stand up plaque using a military badge for a pattern   Very nice.

Jo Ann cut 2 trivets using Charles Hand patterns from his new book.  
Faye cut a winter scene in a piece of live wood.  She said the wood was too dark and did not show the scene to its full potential.
(2) Faye also has several intarsia angels displayed at the church for the art show.

Paul Martoccio showed off his beautiful intarsia piece showing the Apollo Astronaut walking on the moon.  Paul has his piece being displayed at the church for their art show.  Paul used a Judy Gayle Roberts pattern.

Paul Benson gave a demo on purchasing a picture using SVG (Standard Vector Graphic)
He then brings the picture into Inkscape and corrects the picture making it scroller friendly.
Very nice demo and very informative.

October Demo.    We do not have an October demo scheduled.  

November club meeting will be skipped due to the holidays.

December Meeting      Dec 11 and held at the church.  This will be a covered dish with lots of visiting and eating.

Virgil Bodensteiner                                 Bob Henry
Linda Robinson                                       Jeff Robinson
Cynthia Jordan                                        Jo Ann Wiggs
Faye Benezue                                           Paul Benson
Paul Martoccio                                          Russ Weaver
Elbert Woodham                                       Grover Pierce
Kathy Dial                                                  Jonie Matthiesslue
Eddie Warren                                             Kevin Henry
Ellen Adler                                                  Glenn Edwards
Dave Shealy                                                David Borg
Beverly Vickery                                           Preston Vickery
Myrl Grey                                                     Mary Mathias
Joy Edwards                                                Lavern Howell
David Borg

Jo Ann Wiggs
817 326-3892