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                             Minutes DFW SCROLLERS Meeting 05-29-21

Faye called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 22 members present + 3 on zoom.

Faye asked if there were any changes in the 4-24-21 minutes as appearing on the dfwscrollers website. A motion was made and 2nd to accept the minutes.  The motion was passed. No changes were made.

Lavern gave the treasurer report
Lavern is still taking dues for 2021 of $20.00

OLD BUSINESS   Cynthia reminded us that we had discussed providing a Christmas project to be given to an organization.  No suggestions.  Faye said our homework was to bring suggestions to the June meeting along with an organization for donation.  

NEW BUSINESS—Faye asked for a discussion on a meeting place for future meetings.

  1. St Andrew Lutheran Church—504 Euless Bedford Rd. Hurst, Tx 76053

Church is free of charge and unlimited time for meetings.   Easy access into the building and meeting room. 
The church has updated WIFI for zoom and we can use their equipment.  Cynthia suggested we get a larger TV to use with the WIFI and zoom.   

  1. Georgia Farrow Recreation Center—830 Davis Dr. Irving,TX 75061

Meeting room would be reserved from 9:00 AM – 1PM.   If we need a longer meeting just let the staff know.   There is no charge, but we give a donation to the rec center each year as our thanks for use of the center.   This has also been our Christmas project rather than do extra work for give aways.   Our thinking has been that the center can use the money to buy equipment they need at a lower cost than we could get at different stores.
After discussing the matter, it was decided to continue meeting at the church until the end of the year.  Lavern will talk with the recreation center to see if we can keep our reservation and possibly pick up our meetings in January 2022 at the center.   This will give Paul and Cynthia time to find out what WIFI capacity that the recreation center has in place. 

Discussion tabled until our June meeting. 

Paul states that he has added to the Eagle THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE plaque.  He has changed the shape and also added ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES.   The pattern can be located on our website under patterns.
These patterns are being used as an ongoing project to be given to Tracy Crow, a friend of Faye’s who gives them to the veterans at seminars she holds 4 times a year.   Jo Ann asked if the same vets go all the time which would mean that we need to give her plaques that are different.   Faye stated she would check.

Faye asked if we would like for her friend to come talk allowing us to learn more about her project with the veterans.   The group agreed. 

Russ Weaver is making a table that if octagon shaped and the person wants it covered with epoxy.  He needs a way to put a temporary border around the odd shape to eliminate epoxy dripping onto the floor. It was suggested using bend a board that is purchased at Home Depot in the plant department. He said the project used pictures to be put on top of the table before pouring the epoxy. I suggested going to Staples or other office supply stores to have the pictures put on a large piece of paper or material that will not be damaged by the epoxy.  

Russ is also looking for a DeWalt planer to purchase if anyone has one for sale.

We had a discussion on the use of mineral oil rather than cutting board oil.   This is the same product but Mineral oil is a lot less expensive.   Works the same.


Paul presented his new THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE projects.   Very nice.   He will have Eddie put them on the website.

  1. Paul also brought several pictures that he cut from paper.   He can cut several at once and these are duplicates of more expensive wooden pictures that have good frames.  He sells his wooden pictures with frames around $90 and his paper copy with a mat for $30.  This touches shoppers in both price ranges.  

Paul Martoccio showed off his intarsia projects. 

  1. Indian on a horse –very dramatic and beautiful –pattern by Kathy Wise
  2. Clydesdale Horse and colt also large and perfect
  3. 2 Boxes with intarsia tops –one a whale and last was a teddy bear

JO Ann showed several ornaments cut from both wood and Corian

Harmon brought his chess set (Diana Thompson pattern) Chess pieces were cut from western red cedar and pine.  He has an order for two sets.   Wonderful projects with lots of challenges.   The chess board will be used as the top of a box that will hold the pieces.  Perfect solution.

David Borg showed off his carved projects
(1)dragon getting cookies from a cookie jar.   So cute and perfect work.
(2) Necklace with 2 carved hearts and writing saying on each heart
(3) Carved angel tree ornament

Bob Henry showed us his cutting of a hot air balloon. His 11x14 picture was backed with a tie dye shirt giving his project plenty of color.
Faye has really been working

  1. Intarsia angel with word Faith
  2. Small musical Merry go Round with figure on top ---you can add any figure on top as decoration.
  3. Nativity painted white and sparkle paper backer
  4. Faye also showed a box of a whale.   Faye had resawed wood then glued it together for a beautiful effect. 


  1. Showed us her project of Tree of Life.   A customer had sent her a very small picture which she replicated into a large tree with a darker backer.
  2. Lavern also cut a Tree with shelves to hold children’s book to be given to her granddaughter
  3. She had several pictures of her other projects including steps for a pet to get onto a bed.


  1. Tree of life that he painted with oil base paints.   He said it took 3 paintings to get the exact colors he wanted
  2. He did 2 different 3D ornaments. The designs cut into wood were filled in with colored epoxy which has added to the design.  Then he added lights to the inside of the 3D box for added effect.
  3. He showed off a wooden 4 wheeler to give to a Christmas charity.     Beautiful

Kevin Henry stack cut several pairs of earrings in shape of a lightening bolt.  He painted these in different            colors to be given to his daughters.   Very nice.

Myrl had an original cut puzzle of a turtle with her daughter’s last name in the cutting. Myrl’s daughter Is a school teacher and the puzzles are given to each student at Christmas.   Very nice present.

Cynthia gave a demonstration and discussion on UNICORN SPIT PAINT.   The lady that developed the paint was working for a senior facility.  She started developing the paint and found that it can be used on all surfaces and has no allergy effect on users.  It is safe for elders as well as children.

The paint is expensive but very concentrated.  You add a drop to water, stir and it is ready to use. You vary the color by the amount of concentrate that is added.   The leftover paint can be saved in a small jar for future use. 

Cynthia buys her paint at Jo Ann Fabrics using her coupon to get the best buy.  The product can be purchased thru Amazon but seems to be more expensive.  

We all need to try this product    UNICORN SPIT PAINT.

Great demo and thanks to Cynthia.

June 26, 2021

Paul will be presenting a demo on frame making.


Harmon Atkins                                      Grover Pierce
Paul Martoccio                                      Jo Ann Wiggs
Paul Benson                                          Cynthia Jordan
Elbert Woodham                                   Kevin Henry
Russ Weaver                                         Dave Shealy
Ellen Adler                                            Faye Benezue
Lavern Howell                                       Eddie Warren
Chois Blackwell                                     Dena Evans
Troy Wright                                          Myrl Grey
Preston Vickory                                     Beverly Vickory
Linda Robinson                                     Jeff Robinson
Bob Henry                                            Virgil Bodensteiner
David B