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DFW Scrollers, Oct 26, 2019

Jo Ann called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 23 members present.

The minutes from the September 28, 2019 meeting were approved by the body present as appearing on the website.

The treasurer’s report was given by Lavern.

Dues will be $25.00 and will be collected starting with the January 2020 meeting.

It was requested that we distribute a new list of members in 2020 members with current information.
Paul wanted us to discuss what information would be sent out because he was not interested in having his full information including his address sent out over the web. Paul reminded us that we had received a request for money with Sheryl’s name as president.  We discussed sending a paper copy out to members only. I agreed to bring a paper list to the members.

December 14, Saturday—remember we skip November due to Thanksgiving holiday
Our December meeting is devoted to a brunch and visitation.   Spouses are encouraged to come.     Please bring your favorite breakfast of a brunch recipe for us to snack on.  
I have the club’s paper goods and will also provide drinks.  I do not have a large coffee pot, so I will not be providing coffee.
Someone else may want to bring coffee.

Demonstration for Grandparents day.   This is in conjunction with the Makers Group.
Grapevine Cannon Elem School
1300 W. College St.
Grapevine, Tx 76051
Friday,  November 22 @8AM-10PM
Paul Benson, Harmon Atkins, and Dave Shealy will attend and handle the demo.   If others want to help, please let Paul know. .  ( all small letters )

Jo Ann announced that Stan Wilson (a past member) is now in hospice care with lung cancer. 
Cynthia suggested that we send flowers or cards to him from the club.   Paul stated that we have discussed this several times and decided that each member can send cards or get in touch with Stan but the club cannot take on this responsibility.   We have had several other members that have had tragedies and not done anything for them.   This would not be fair to all involved.   Jo Ann will send out how to reach Stan so that each member can get in touch with him as they want.

We discussed trying to get new members.  Paul said that the best way to enlarge our group is by having demonstrations at business locations such as Rockler or Woodcraft.
Faye reminded us that Woodcraft has a new manager who is anxious to encourage the sale of scroll saws.   Faye will talk with her to see about setting a date for a club demo.

A motion was made for us to donate $500 to the Recreation center.  A 2nd was made and the members passed the motion.   Lavern will make out the check.   Lavern did suggest we ask how the money will be used. She said we would like to know if the money will be used for this center or just put in the general fund.   Paul will try to find out.

Where to buy Pegas Blades.  Ron Moore says he buys only Pegas and finds them sharper and very dependable.  He said that he buys them by the gross which makes them less expensive.
Paul Benson stated that Pegas blades are cut in such a way that it allows them to cut straight rather than at an angle. Paul said to buy the straight blades (not the reverse) 
They can be purchased at Bear Woods.   Ron buys his thru –go to Pegas Scroll Saw
And then scroll down to scroll saw blades.    I purchased a gross of (90441/B) #5 Modified Geometry. $29.95. Hope I got the right ones.   

Paul Benson took his Seyco saw to Ray for a tune up.   He sat with Paul about 2 hours tightening screws and carriage was loose from the head causing cutting problem.  Ray tightened the screws and that solved the problem.
Ray has thumb screws.   He put a set screw even with the housing which helps hold the blade correctly.

We discussed other saws.   The Hegner and Hawk both have blade holders on the bottom.  

  1. Rockler is starting their Black Friday deals now which includes a DeWalt Scroll Saw with light and stand @ $499.00
  2. You may want to check for other deals at Rockler including wood.


  1. WoodCraft has purple heart wood @ 60% off and Olive wood 50% off.    Check for other deals while in the store.

Reminder that both Rockler, Woodcraft and Robinson’s lumber co give discounts to our members, but you need to ask.

            Jo Ann showed her customer’s butterfly cross with a blue background.   Sue Mey design.
            Randy showed us his Bald eagle carved with an angry face from 1/8 inch wood.   He said that he feels all Eagles are now                             angry with the state of the Union

            Chois designed a sign with wording on Baltic Birch.  He stained with Varethane, sprayed with shellac and then waxed with     minwax paste.     Very nice

            Alex Borg brought a carving of a cowboy and a Christmas Santa.   Both started with carving blanks.  Both were painted and were very nice

            Ron Moore has 2 granddaughters that run a charity that provides money for water wells in poor areas.  They sell ornaments made from origami paper in the Japanese fashion.   Ron cut a puzzle with the images of these colorful ornaments.  The puzzle was an 8x10 with 416 pieces.

            Grover Pierce cut a toy that is a Star Wars figure. He also brought another version of his snow flake using his wife’s idea of design.   He cut them with a 3/0 blade using a geometric design.  

            David Borg brought 2 carved relief picture designs.  His carved witch was wonderful and a fall pumpkin.   David suggested we all do items that go along with each holiday.  Good idea.

            Tom cut a train that was in our last scroll saw magazine.   Perfect.

            Bob cut the same train pattern but reduced the pattern,   He also cut reindeer and sleigh that were compound cuts.

            Paul did a demo showing us how to drill holes in wood before cutting the pattern and how to set up the drill.
            Thank you Paul.

 January  --Paul will discuss the use and advantages of Square for taking payments at a craft show.
February –Dale Smith will show us how to transfer pictures to wood
March –Jim Goyne will demo his jig that he built for gluing thin pieces of wood together.  This is something we need when making cutting boards or other projects.
April ---Dale Smith will show us the art of Marquetry.  
MAY ---Preston Vickery will do his demo on Circle making with new tool.      This date may change.


Ellen Adler                                   David Borg
Ron Moore                                   Eddie Warren
Sidney Edwards                          Faye Benezue
Bob McCary                                Jo Ann Wiggs
Jim Goyne                                   Mike Snider
Harmon Atkins                            Tom Boltz
Eligio Betancourt                        Chois Blackwell
Randy Northrop                           J Burnett
Travis Burnet                               Grover Pierce
Alex Borg                                      Lavern Howell
Paul Benson                                 Cynthia Jordan
Dave Shealy