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Minutes for DFW Scrollers Meeting 9-29-2018

Paul called the meeting to order at 9:30AM with 23 members and visitors present.  
Brad Ramsey introduced himself and said he found us on our website.   He lives in Plano  
Sarah Kay was visiting with her grandmother.

The minutes from the August meeting were passed as appearing on the DFW Scrollers website.

Lavern gave the treasury report.

Drawing for the SAW membership was won by Mike Snider.

SAW   no report

Faye advised that she is in the process of organizing the left over patterns that were donated by Jim Thornton.  
Faye also purchased a notebook and plastic holders for the patterns.   She requested $10 reimbursement.   A motion was made and passed. 

            Next month is the quarterly Trunk or Treat.   Anyone wanting to get rid of garage items such as wood or tools can bring them to the parking lot around 8:30. 
Park, open your trunk so we can tell who is donating items.  This way you get rid of unwanted items and someone gets something they cannot live without.

Paul is going to submit our schedule for 2019 with the Recreation center.

Paul received a request by Anna Santana from the Museum of Science and History. Cannon Elementary in Grapevine is requesting us to do a demo for their STEAM division on November 16.  
Volunteers were Sheryl and Harmon.   Paul will discuss with Jeff and Linda to see if they are interested.
Paul reminded us that January will be officer elections and we again will need a president.  

Jo Ann stated that Dollar Tree has small clamps with 2 in a package for $1.00.
They also had a package of 8 various size sponge paint brushes for $1.00.
Both are found in the automotive section of the store.   Great buy.
Jim stated that Dollar Tree also has micro cloths.    Can’t beat $1.00

Jim Goyner was cutting holes in a project with a forstner bit.  This causes lots of wood chips flying around your workspace.   He found that by putting your project in a box while cutting,   the woodchips stay contained causing less of a mess. 
Good advise.

Paul while cutting copper used a piece of cardboard over the copper, and placed his pattern on the cardboard.    As he cut the pattern,  he taped the pattern which kept the pieces in tact.   He then was able to reuse the pattern a 2nd time.

Paul also has found that when cutting patterns that have an overlay, he is able to use a veneer.   He is able to cut his veneer and copper at the same time. 

Jo Ann asked how to stain bass wood.  She was told to use a prestain first and then stain.

Bob showed a variety of projects.   He had several pictures that were self framed Silhouettes of various subjects. He had other items that were cut or carved.
Bobs’ painting is wonderful

Randy brought a sign that was one of his first projects 35 years ago.  He cut it with
A saw that used pin blades and cut from ¼ inch cherry wood.  

Paul brought a cat puzzle.  He cut two puzzles, one from walnut and one from oak. After cutting, he traded pieces between the two giving him contrasting colors.
He also cut a puzzle of fish in a fish bowl.  The pattern was found in the items that Jim Thornton gave the club.
Paul also brought an original puzzle of puppies.
He showed a cross from ¾ inch walnut with a veneer overlay.   He attached the veneer with a 10 second super glue.  

Jim Goynes stated it was suggested that he make holders for essential oils.  He brought a couple of varieties and cut the holes with a forstner bit.  Very nice.
He also made a curved card holder.  Jim cut the newest round pattern provided by Steve Good.

Faye brought 3 different Christmas ornaments displayed in boxes with clear tops.
She gets her boxes from ULINE. Very cute

Jo Ann showed her two nativities that were cut from the Steve Good patterns.
One had a top that appeared to be a box. And the 2nd was round with no top.

Sheryl brought a set with 8 coasters.   She cut them from red cedar and finished with epoxy stained with turquoise.  Very nice


Jo Ann did a demo on setting up a project while using metal.  

No Demonstration suggestions for next month.



Jo Ann Wiggs                       Faye Benezue
Brad Ramsey                        Sidney Edwards
Dave Shealy                          Preston Vickery
Beveryly Vickery                  Sheryl Pfeifer
Harmon Atkins                     Glenda Meyer
Eddie Warren                        Eligio Betancourt
Lavern Howell                       Mike Snider
Myrl Grey                               Bob McCary
Randy Northrop                    Jim Goyne
Sally Goyne                           Ron Moore
Cliff Colwell                           Chois Blackwell
Paul Benson            

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